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FUN TIPS -- Staphanie Millner -- “How to Get Fabulous Images and Still Have Fun. Your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go? Not so fast! Travel photography is very different from everyday client work, and how you travel is every bit as important as what you actually shoot. Consider the following tips for travel photography and your next trip should be smooth sailing as far as your camera is concerned.”
PHOTO: Stephanie Millner

THE FRUGAL TRAVELER -- Myscha Theriault, “Simple
ways to save on summer travel. Myscha Theriault, “Afraid that recent price increases in critical budget areas will cramp your warm-weather travel style? Relax. With these simple saving strategies, your summer fun is in the bag.” http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-05-21/travel/vs-frugal-traveler-summer-travel-20120521_1_summer-travel-summer-camp-powerful-savings

THE BASICS -- Alberto Molero: “In this first
photography article, I’m going to explain the basics of photography first, giving as many practical examples as possible. Keep in mind that for every new term, fact or technique that you learn there is at least one new amazing picture you can take on your next trip”.
PHOTO: Alberoi Molero


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