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“LIFESTYLE” PHOTOGRAPHY - Maria Piscopo: ”If you ask a dozen photo buyers to define lifestyle photography you’d get a dozen different answers. The most common reply might be “people doing everyday things, at home and at work.” Lifestyle images are valuable in stock, but what about assignment work? http://tinyurl.com/mnbrtga

YOUR IPHONE CAMERA SETTINGS -- 3 Power Tips - J. Endriga: “There’s a popular saying in the world of photography that “the best camera is always the one that you have with you the most.” In many cases, that’s the camera people have in their smartphones. Thankfully, the iPhone camera is a pretty impressive tool for taking photos. While it lacks the settings of more powerful DSLRs or compact cameras such as lens length, aperture, white balance and shutter speed, it still allows users to access a number of tools. http://www.thebitbag.com/3-power-tips-on-how-to-adjust-your-iphone-camera-settings/83500

GUIDE TO INSTAGRAM -- Sarah Jacobs:”Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool for photographers, but are you using it the right way? In our latest guide, The Photographer’s Guide to Instagram, get tips to make the most of the platform to showcase your brand, build your audience, connect with photo editors, and even generate revenue. Also get advice and inspiration from photographers having success with Instagram, amassing followings up to 830,000”. SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/07/new-guide-photographers-guide-instagram/

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PHOTOGRAPH LIGHTNING - Rob Schumacher: “Monsoon season is here. It's time to start preparing for our annual photographic obsession. The goal is to capture a great lightning photograph. The Sonoran Desert in Arizona has the second most lightning strikes in the United States. Only the Tampa Bay area has more strikes. Here are some tips on how I do it. SOURCE:

ENABLING THE IPHONE GRID - Jim Tanous: ‘Professional DSLR cameras, and many consumer point-and-shoots, have an optional grid overlay that provides a perfect canvas for composing your shots based on the Rule of Thirds. As an increasingly capable and handy camera, budding photographers will be happy to know that the iPhone has a grid overlay, too, but it’s disabled by default. Here’s how to enable the iPhone camera grid.
SOURCE: http://www.tekrevue.com/tip/enable-iphone-camera-grid/

PLAYING WITH LIGHT -- Tips From Pro Photographers - Corinne Bagish: ‘The same exact place can look completely different with varied lighting. A positively charming Victorian home, for example, can look bone-chillingly haunted when lit from below, at night. The same forest, enchanted with dappled afternoon sunshine, can appear foreboding (Blair Witch style) when partially illuminated with the wavering beam of a flashlight. When it comes to photography, there are many ways to play with light to create the kind of shot you're aiming for. SOURCE:

VISUAL JOURNALISM TRAINING -- BBC Opens Up Internal Resources to the Public - Gannon Burgett: “Last week, the BBC College of Journalism opened up their training website to the public. Full of educational resources created by and for the internal BBC team, these professional videos and guides run through a number of circumstances and suggestions for approaching visual journalism. SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/07/08/bbc-opens-internal-visual-journalism-training-resources-public/

MASTER LOW-LIGHT PHOTOS - Eli Epstein -- “Shooting in low-light is a challenge for all photographers — professional and amateur alike. Sometimes, the camera’s flash disturbs those in the shot. In others cases, a dim backdrop prevents the photographer from capturing the important details of the subject. http://mashable.com/2014/06/25/photography-low-light/

PHOTOGRAPHY STARTUPS -- That Will Change Our Industry For The Better - Tom Kray: "Resource has found ten photography startups." that are doing awesome things you should know about. SOURCE: http://resourcemagonline.com/2014/07/10-photography-startups-will-change-industry-better/
There’s a good chance you may disagree with the choices here. Add your comments, pro or con,

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COPYRIGHT -- Video on How to Register A Group of Published Photos using the eCO System - Carolyn E. Wright: “Check John Harrington‘s video on how to register a group of published photos using the eCO System! The link to the spreadsheet is here that is a part of this process. SOURCE: http://ww.photoattorney.com/video-register-group-published-photos-eco-system/

UPGRADING YOURSELF -- The Best Free Online Photography Courses and Tutorials - Gautam Tambay: “If you’re looking to kick your photography skills up a notch, I’m curating a list of the best free online courses and resources I’ve found. So whether you’re a budding photojournalist looking toward a career behind the lens, or just a hobbyist looking to take better shots on your next trip, I’m hoping you’ll find something useful here! SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/07/03/best-free-online-photography-courses-tutorials/

MAKE IT ARTISTIC -- Charlotte Runcie and Rachel Ward: ‘ Wedding photography used to be about posing awkwardly in a line with your brand new in-laws, hoping your hairstyle wouldn't look too ridiculous on the mantelpiece in 20 years' time. That's all changed in the last few years with the boom of the wedding industry. Now it's one more way for brides and grooms to express their personalities, with an endless variety of options available.” SOURCE: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/photography/10787538/Wedding-photography-how-to-make-it-artistic.html
PHOTO: Emily Johnston

GET THE SHOT -- 9 Tips From Wildlife Photographers - Corinne Bagish: “In the midst of city living, it’s easy to forget that beyond the tall buildings, the world can be a wild, wild place. Although the concrete jungle has its own ecosystem of sorts (see: rats, pigeons), there’s way more species inhabiting the planet; there are creatures in every crevice of the globe. And there are people who spend their lives documenting Earth’s non-human inhabitants — from penguins playing in the freezing Arctic waters, to mischievous meerkats in Botswana. In doing so, wildlife photographers not only capture the magic of Mother Nature, but they encourageus humans to look beyond ourselves, to step outside of our daily routines. The world is a wonderful, inspiring place and wildlife photographers remind us of that with their captivating images. SOURCE:

PHOTO: Rick Fisk ricfiske[at]yahoo[dot]com

LIGHT PAINTING -- With Your Android Device’s Camera - Carlo Magno De Lacy : “At first glance, it would be hard to believe that the photo you are looking at with this article was taken using with an Android smartphone. No post processing at all. Everything was done in a single shot. This is called Long Exposure Photography. This was only possible with DSLRs before, then as technology improved, the feature was made available with lower end cameras and even point-and-shoots. Now, even android camera apps allow you to do this.

PHOTOGRAPHING FLOWERS - A Beginner's Guide. Lindsay Rothfeld: “In order to strengthen your artistic eye and truly magnify the delicacy and boldness of certain flowers, photography experts say that practice makes perfect. Here are some tips and tricks to guide you as stop and shoot the flowers. http://mashable.com/2014/06/21/floral-photography-tips/
PHOTO: Kate Terhune

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BETTER CAT PHOTOS -- Better Cat Portrait Photos - Peter Kolonia: “Trying to photograph cats is a lot like trying to herd them—great for laughs, but usually unproductive. To help you kick up the quality of your kitty captures, we got some advice from one of the best pet shooters in the country, Gary Parker of San Jose, CA. SOURCE: http://www.popphoto.com/how-to/2014/06/how-to-shoot-better-cat-portrait-photos

SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY -- Take the perfect picture - Kristin CuffL “As director of photography for CNN digital, Simon Barnett's eyes will take in some 10,000 World Cup images -- a day -- during the Brazil 2014 tournament. Briskly looking at about three frames a second, he does not give each picture much time to impress. So what makes the cut?” SOURCE: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/06/11/sport/football/sports-photography-masterclass-simon-barnett/

IN THE DARK -- Take awesome iPhone photos in the dark - Zach Epstein: “Apple’s iPhone lineup has always been among the best in the business when it comes to photography. Low-light photography is still an issue for every camera of course, but there are some ways to ensure that your iPhone photos come out as clear and flattering as possible even in a dark room. Simply enabling the iPhone’s flash isn’t enough. It will obviously help illuminate your subject, of course, but it still doesn’t fare as well as top camera phones or dedicated point and shoot cameras. Thankfully, there are some tricks you can use to take better photos in very dark environments. SOURCE: http://bgr.com/2014/06/12/how-to-take-iphone-photos-in-the-dark/

GOLDEN HOUR, BLUE HOUR, TWILIGHT -- Germán Marquès: “We all know that light is the crucial element in photography. Understanding how it behaves and the factors that influence it is mandatory. For sunlight, we can distinguish the following light phases depending on the elevation of the sun: golden hour, blue hour, twilights, daytime and nighttime. Starting time and duration of these light phases depend on the location you are. Predicting them is compulsory in travel photography. SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/06/11/understanding-golden-hour-blue-hour-twilights/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+PetaPixel+%28PetaPixel%29

-- Rob Tornoe: “Why do certain articles go viral? So what steps can online editors take, at media organizations both large and small, to maximize a piece of content’s chances online Here are five things for editors to consider when it comes to sharing content on social media: SOURCE: http://www.editorandpublisher.com/Columns/Article/Digital-Publishing--Making-Your-Content-Go-Viral

PHOTO: Joe Stanski

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TRY SMOKE EFFECTS -- - Lexy Savvides: “Want to get started with smoke photography? All you need is a DSLR, tripod, and flash unit. Smoke may not seem like the most obvious subject for your photography, but it can produce some beautiful, ethereal results. Here is how. “ SOURCE: http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-take-photos-of-smoke-effects/

PERFECT BEACH DAY -- Andrea Romano:“A perfect day of fun in the sun is just what you need to shake off the long, cold winter. While you could shell out tons of cash for top of the line beach gear, there's nothing like putting together your own customized accessories and wow-ing your friends with clever DIY beach hacks. It's time to put on your swim suit and grab your sunscreen. You're about to become a master of summer. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/m6cxwse

PROTECT YOUR ONLINE IMAGES -- - Carolyn E. Wright: “Posting images online has its benefits and disadvantages. One of the benefits is that you get to easily share your photos. One of the disadvantages is that others want you to share your photos more than you want. So you must do what you can to prevent that “extra” sharing. Al Berger of www.CunninghamStudio.com and www.ProRodeoPix.com has discovered that method can be thwarted. He has given permission to share his discovery here: http://www.photoattorney.com/good-info-protect-online-images/

MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY -- Squeeze more out! -- Gannon Burgett: “If you’re looking to get more out of your smartphone’s camera with minimal financial investment, look no further. Kai and the DRTV team have created a short little video that goes over ten cheap, clever tricks that’ll help you get the most of your mobile photography.“ SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/06/10/10-cheap-clever-tricks-getting-mobile-photography/

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-- Barry Schwartz: “ I’m lazy, always looking for the easier way. Problem is, the easier way takes so much work to set up it can really stress me out. As far as clients go, my stress is not their problem; it’s all about them, as it should be. Here are a few tips that simplify my client’s lives, and my own: SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/mh45ufl

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APPROACH PHOTO BUYERS -- the Right Way - Deborah Block: “Kristina Hicks is a Creative Consultant for Agency Access. Kristina has worked on advertising campaigns for huge clients like Toyota, Volkswagen, Proctor and Gamble, The Truth Campaign, and many more. Her role is to help primarily editorial and commercial photographer clients get to the next level in their work—whatever that next level may be. Here are her top 12 tips on approaching photobuyers the right way. SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/06/12-tips-approach-photo-buyers-successfully/

SHOOT LIGHTNING PHOTOS -- Jonathan Conder: “Lightning happens in a blink of an eye and capturing it in a picture can be done if you have the right equipment. Related View Large Even though you may be able to catch a lighting strike on your cellphone or point-and-shoot camera, you will have to rely heavily on luck. If you want to be successful, here is what you will need: A digital single-lens reflex camera, A tripod, A wireless remote. Before you attempt to shoot lightning, remember you are at risk of being hit if you are outside and can either see lightning or hear thunder. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/lvay8fs

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR STEALING -- Facebook Employee Posts Instructions for Stealing Grad Photos - DL Cade: “It takes about 13 steps (give or take a step) to steal a graduation proof off of the Grad Images website and remove the watermark in Photoshop, but it only takes one step to get everybody in the photo community to hate you. Which brings us to Jesse Chen, a software engineer, graduate of UC Berkley and member of the Facebook Photos Team who saw nothing wrong with posting detailed photo theft instructions on his blog for his fellow graduates. SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/05/28/facebook-photos-employee-posts-step-step-instructions-stealing-grad-photos/

MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY PRO -- Popular ‘Instagrammer’ Dan Rubin gives you the rundown. - John Shafer: “One of the best ways to improve your smartphone photos is to introduce some apps to your workflow that expand your phone's photographic capabilities. In a recent video, Dan Rubin showed off some of his favorite mobile photography apps. He's got over 700,000 Instagram followers, so he probably has a few tricks up his sleeve for making good smartphone photos. SOURCE: http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2014/05/21/popular-instagrammer-dan-rubin-give-you-the-rundown-on-how-to-be-a-mobile-p

SHOOTING SHOOTING-STARS -- Long-exposure photography tips - Mary Gordon: “Go online the day after a meteor shower, and you’ll find images of the night sky plastered all across social media. A few years ago, the photographers behind these pictures were limited to those with the best equipment, but today you can take great long-exposure shots with almost every smartphone and DSLR—as long as you know a few tricks. Here are a few tips for shooting well in the darkness.

How To Stay Afloat In Your Infinite Stream Of Photos - Kainaz Amaria
On average, I make about 1,000 images each month on my iPhone. That's about 33.33333333333 (you get the idea) images a day. And that's just in an average month; if I'm on vacation or on assignment, that number might double or even triple. It may sound extreme, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Photography is the language I am most comfortable speaking. Why bother describing a moment, ? So how do I avoid getting buried alive in this endless stream of digital information of my own making? What if I told you there was one word that could ease your digital overload? Here it is: thoughtfulness.

PITCH NATIONAL GEOGRAPGIC -- Q+A with A Photo Editor: National Geographic - Sarah Jacobs: “Elizabeth Krist, Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic, and the rest of the Nat Geo team seek photographers who have an eye for composing striking and electrifying images. To give photographers a better sense of what goes on behind the scenes at National Geographic, Elizabeth provided some insight into what type of work the magazine commissions, how photographers can pitch Nat Geo, and what you can do to get noticed. http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/05/qa-photo-editor-national-geographic/

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STOP THEFT -- Anti-Theft Service Lenstag Can Now Help You Stop Gear AND Image Theft - DL Cad: "We’re big fans of anybody who helps to stop gear theft, and so naturally, we've always been big fans of the free service Lenstag. Initially unproven, the service made its first recovery a couple of months ago, and as its database of registered gear expands, it can only get better. The new feature launched last night and is built-in to the iOS and Android apps.

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IPHONE PHOTO CRAFTS: Karissa Bell: “Madesquare, a new startup helps people create crafts using photos from their camera rolls. The app capitalizes on the popularity of square-shaped photos and iPhone photography by letting users customize and order products printed with their favorite photos. http://tinyurl.com/ks4lxzn

NEW WEEKLY VIDEO SERIES -- Visual Arts News Desk: “The New York Institute of Photography has launched a new weekly video series for photographers who want to learn how to take better photos. The series will feature a new photography tip every Wednesday on both the school's YouTube channel as well as http://www.nyip.edu

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OUTDOOR AND ADVENTURE -- Build Your Oun Photography Business - Sarah Jacobs: “Learn how award-winning photographers turn their passion for adventure and the outdoors into a career – including how they market their work, master storytelling, develop a solid workflow, and attract the clients they want . http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/05/new-guide-building-outdoor-adventure-photography-business/

CONTACTING PHOTO EDITORS -- 5 Tips for Aspiring Adventure Photographers - Sarah Jacobs: “Christopher D. Thompson is an action, travel, and studio photographer based out of Boulder, Colorado. He advises building a solid foundation of knowledge as well as with the photo editors SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/05/5-tips-aspiring-adventure-photographers-contacting-photo-editors/

YOUR FIRST NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK. -- Joseph Classen: “Over the last few years I’ve been striving to educate myself more about how to market and sell one’s photography work in the day and age in which people don’t buy many photography prints. A theme that constantly comes up in photography blogs, is that one must sell the story and the experiences that are attached to one’s images. There are multiple ways to do this, but at the top of the list, is the eBook. http://pronaturephotographer.com/2014/05/how-to-publish-your-first-nature-photography-ebook/

Want to take a photo against a white background? Beware, Amazon now owns the PATENT for the process - Victoria Woollaston
Patents typically feature groundbreaking devices or innovative uses of existing technology, but Amazon’s latest filing is neither. Although it sounds like a joke, the patent is available on the U.S Patent and Trademark Office website and was awarded in March. SOURCE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2624338/Want-photo-white-background-Beware-Amazon-owns-patent-process.html

SNAP LIKE A PRO -- 7 Simple Photography Hacks - Andrea Romano; “Shutterflies everywhere have some new ways to turn their ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art. Online magazine The Cooperative of Photography offered seven simple DIY tricks to upgrade your photographs. From practical hacks like making your own diffused flash to creating more artistic filters on-the-go, shooting photos like a pro never seemed so easy. SOURCE: http://mashable.com/2014/05/12/simple-photogrpahy-hacks/?utm_cid=mash-prod-email-topstories&utm_emailalert=daily&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily

WHAT MAKES A GOOD PHOTO? Loveland Photographic Society Decides. - Dennis Burchett: “Most members of any given photography club are pretty aware of what constitutes a good photograph. Certainly each individual, whether a photographer or the average person, has an opinion on any given photo; some will like the image and the next person will not. For most people, there have been a number of times when a photo is well liked, but if asked why, the individual likely will not have a good answer — they just like it. Well, there is more that goes into "making" a good photograph than is apparent to most non-photographers. SOURCE: http://www.reporterherald.com/loveland-art/ci_25702336/loveland-photographic-society-examine-what-makes-good-photo

How to Manage an Ecommerce Photo Shoot with Models - Armando Roggio. Good photography is vital for online retailers. What follows is a brief description of how to manage a lifestyle or “lookbook” style photo-shoot that should result in the sorts of product-in-action photos common in many industry segments. http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/67666-How-to-Manage-an-Ecommerce-Photo-Shoot-with-Models

RUST SHOTS -- How To Shoot Then Without Too Much Effort – ephotozine: “Landscape photography's all well and good, but what do you photograph when the skies are leaden and the rain's really set in for the day? That's when I pick up a tripod and head off for a 'rust fix' and there are plenty of museums and collections around the country that are perfect for this type of day. The secret when visiting collections of rusty vehicles is to try to forget what it is you are photographing, by that I mean not to look at them as a lathe, excavator, or drill; but to view everything as simply shape, pattern and texture. SOURCE: http://www.ephotozine.com/article/how-to-shoot-successful-rust-shots-without-too-much-effort-14038

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BUILD A PHOTO BRAND -- From the Ground Up: Tips from Art Wolfe - Deborah Block: “’I started photography strictly as a way to document the mountain climbing I was doing with friends,’” Art says, who was originally interested in painting.’ “I wanted to share the experience of being in the mountains, up on the glaciers of Mount Rainier.’” Even with such a successful and well-established business, Art actively works on self-promotion and marketing.” http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/05/building-photo-brand-ground-tips-art-wolfe/
PHOTO: Art Wolfe

Product Photography Tutorial: How to Get ‘Clinique’ Style Product Shots - Gannon Burgett
When it comes to product photography, the smallest changes in lighting and setup can completely alter the final image, for better or worse. This applies doubly to objects like perfume bottles where you have both transparent and reflective surfaces to deal with. Here to help with a rather simple fix for making sure photographing these products stays as hassle-free and gorgeous as possible is photographer Andrew Boey, who gives us a rundown on how to make use of a simple piece of ‘hybrid’ gear to get “clinique” quality product shots.

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Managing Reflections -- A Simple Product Photography Tutorial - David Bickley: "As far as product photography instruction goes, it’s not too common to see a good (free) tutorial video that breaks down the tricks behind capturing challenging cosmetic products. Nikonian Academy trainer Andrew Boey not only makes this topic very approachable, he shows you how to do it on the cheap. http://fstoppers.com/learn-about-managing-reflections-in-this-simple-product-photography-tutorial

STACK OF ALL TRADES -- Peter Krogh: “As photography has become integral to communication, communication must now be integral to your photography business. Creating a value-added stack is becoming essential for professional survival. So what’s a stack? In computing, a stack is a series of different operations. Each one is both independent and interdependent. When they are all put together, you get a new entity, such as a piece of software. You might want to build a stack on a service model: adding writing, design, social media curation, motion capture and/or production. http://tinyurl.com/mgudk2r
TAKEAWAY: Success in today's photography industry goes to those who specialize and become expert in that specialization. -RE

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PRODUCTIVITY -- Four Common Denominators Of Successful Stock Photographers - John Lund: ‘In my never ending quest to figure out how to best insure that I can continue to make a good living at stock photography, I am always trying to find out the common denominators in successful stock shooters. The primary trait that seems to be present in all of the top stock photographers I know, and even the ones I don’t know personally but do know of, is that of productivity. http://blog.johnlund.com/2014/04/four-common-denominators-of-successful.html

VIEW IT -- Exif Photo Metadata on the iPhone - Fred Straker: “Every photo taken by the iPhone contains Exif metadata, which details everything from an image GPS location to camera and exposure information. The stock Photos app in iOS 7 will organize photos by date and even display them on a map, however the Exif data is hidden. Viewing all of the Exif metadata or GPS coordinates for a particular photo requires a third-party app. Exif Wizard is free on the App Store and covers the basics with a simple interface. SOURCE: http://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/973452

WHEN THE BUBBLE BURSTS -- Thinking Towards The Future - Jenna Close: “Until fairly recently, the bulk of my business came by way of clients from the solar industry. Then, two things happened that forced me to change my way of thinking. First, the solar market bubble completely burst. Many of my clients went bankrupt or were swallowed up by larger corporations. The first thing I did was make a plan. I identified which markets I was interested in, then started putting together a body of work that represented the kinds of jobs I wanted to book.” SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/n7v2cxn

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RESIZE A PHOTO on the iPhone -- Fred Straker: “Luckily there are plenty of options in the App Store when it comes to resizing photos on an iOS device. The six free apps mentioned here mostly provide the basics for a one-time resize or infrequent use. There are also five paid apps listed, which often provide more features and a more polished (and ad-free) user experience. SOURCE: http://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/973430

SAVING ELIZA -- Big Time Photographers Join Forces to Sell Prints and Raise Money for ‘Saving Eliza’ -DL Cade: “By now you’re very familiar with the story of Eliza O’Neill and how the photo community has come together to try and spread the word and help fund her cure. But we’re not done yet! SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/04/16/big-name-photographers-come-together-sell-prints-raise-money-saving-eliza/

CLEAN IT UP -- Your Chaotic Smartphone Photos - Tim Barribeau: “With the smartphone acting as the go to photography device for most people these days, your phone s probably loaded with a chaotic assortment of thousands of images taken at various places and times. So, how do you go about organizing such an array of photos, all stored on one device? The app Tidy aims to help with that, letting you quickly and easily organize your images by location, time, or image shape. SOURCE:

HDR Photography on Your iPhone -- and Why You Should - Sandro Cuccia: “You see it as an option on your iPhone’s Camera app screen. First, a little background. After all, to best utilize any technology, at the very least, you should understand the basics of it. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Great. So now what? SOURCE: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/how-to-do-hdr-photography-on-your-iphone-and-why-you-should?utm_source=macobserver&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss_iphone
PHOTO: Sandro Cuccia

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FLIP A PICTURE ON THE IPHONE - Frank Macey: “Flipping an image horizontally or vertically with the stock iOS 7 Photos app is not possible. Pictures can be rotated with the Edit function, however getting a mirror image of the photo requires third party software. Fortunately, there are many free options on the App Store. One versatile example is Adobe Photoshop Express. SOURCE: http://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/973414

CAPTURE, HANDLE, SHARE AND DISPLAY Images in Android photography apps Softtalkblog: “Have you noticed how wording seems to be getting more and more compressed? First we willingly embraced 140 character limits; now we read truncated listicles instead of full feature articles. This trend affects app development too. As the use of the written word declines, the value of imagery has been rising; so it’s vital to know how to deal with images in your app. SOURCE: http://www.develop-online.net/news/images-in-android-photography-apps-how-to-capture-handle-share-and-display-them/0191253

Create the Perfect Gradient Reflection for Product Photography - Gannon Burgett: “When it comes to taking product shots of glossy items, one of the most difficult aspects is getting the correct amount of diffusion when using softboxes. When the incorrect amount of diffusion is applied (or the right amount is applied incorrectly) this can lead to harsh reflections and minimal gradients, which isn’t usually the look you’re trying to achieve.” SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/04/02/tutorial-create-perfect-gradient-reflection-product-photography/

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WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY in city parks. A how-to guide - Jaymi Heimbuch: “You don't have to drive miles away from civilization to get amazing shots of wildlife. City parks offer a perfect opportunity to hone your camera skills and capture award-winning images . SOURCE: http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/stories/wildlife-photography-in-city-parks-a-how-to-guide
PHOTO: Brian Lansenby

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Invoice Photography Clients For Your Time - JP Danko: Three billing methods commonly used in the photography industry: Time Plus Cost, Lump Sum and Upset Limit – and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. It might not seem important at first, but how you invoice photography clients can have a big impact on the success of a job, and your profit margin. http://tinyurl.com/ndaljmg

LEARN PHOTOSHOP -- The 10 Best Resources - Pratik Naik: “Adobe Photoshop can be a daunting program. The Internet provides a valuable resource to learn the program. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/moowwyl

BACK TO BASICS -- (VIDEO) - AFP-Relaxnews: “New videos by Nikon will cover a host of subjects. Called “Nikon Behind the Scenes” and available to watch via Nikon’s YouTube channel or Google+ page, the videos will build into a series “dedicated to empowering and educating passionate photographers” or so Nikon claims. Each video features a famous photographer who is also a Nikon brand ambassador and the first, fronted by Joe McNally, offers handy and helpful tips about light and the fundamentals of flash photography. SOURCE: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/tech-gadgets/article/take-your-photography-skills-to-the-next-level-with-nikons-how-to-videos

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY, The ABCs of Newborn Photography - Jen Moore: “Are you interested in being a newborn photographer, but wondering how to get started? Llike any other type of photography, is a complex art, but here are some basic tips to help you on the road to success with your first newborn sessions. SOURCE: http://www.digitalcamerareview.com/default.asp?newsID=5547&how+to+photograph+newborns+professionally+tips+and+tricks+best+photos

CONVERT YOUR IPHONE - into a ‘serious’ camera - (A Kickstarter “star”.)Jacob Siegal: “The Snappgrip is a small device that can snap right to your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s with an included case. The device features every camera control you could possibly need, from an authentic shutter button to a tripod mount and all the shooting modes and zoom capabilities that appear on a standalone camera. The device was funded on Kickstarter in January of 2013, and is finally available for preorder to those who missed out on the campaign.

LIGHT PAINTING - Bill Hatcher: “The basic concept of light painting is pretty easy to master. You need a dark space that allows you to set a long exposure of at least several seconds with your camera fixed on a tripod. Light painting simply involves exposing the scene by moving a light around, like a torch, while the exposure is being made. The light will create streaks and light signatures in the image. SOURCE: http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/photography/photography-tips/2014/03/photography-tips-light-painting
PHOTO: Bill Hatcher

LEARNED THE HARD WAY -- Photo Lessons Pros Learned – PhotoVenture: “Avoid making an embarrassing or expensive photographic mistake with these top tips from the pros. We spoke to professional photographers in a number of different genres and put together the common pitfalls that plagued them all. SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/03/24/11-photo-lessons-every-pro-learned-hard-way/

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WORKFLOW -- Gary Martin: “Online education through video tutorials has become one of the most economical and convenient ways to learn almost any topic, especially if it’s photography. Joey L recently launched a new website that takes you on-location and in the studio to see the workflow, thought process, lighting design, post processing, and on-set dialogue that takes place in one of his commercial photo shoots. SOURCE: http://fstoppers.com/joey-l-launches-bts-educational-video-site?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+fstoppersfeed+%28fstoppers%29

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PRICING YOUR WORK: Photojournalism - Calling all photojournalists! In our latest guide, Pricing Your Work: Photojournalism, discover tips to connect with potential news clients and publications, learn what fees and terms you should expect, plus get negotiating pointers and resources to help build your career in this field. This guide is packed with tips to help you price your work and cut your best deal. Download your copy today! SOURCE: http://www.photoshelter.com/mkt/research/pricing-your-work-photojournalism

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MONITOR CANON EOS DSLR –from iPad - Ana Sayfa: “If you happen to own a Canon EOS as well as an iPad, a newly-updated tweak from Chainfire will let you monitor your camera’s current view right from your cherished Apple tablet. Full details, as well as info on where you can pick up this powerful little tweak, can be seen below. SOURCE: http://periscopepost.com/technology-22/how-to-monitor-canon-eos-dslr-camera-from-ipad-video-6377.html

EVERYDAY PHOTOGRAPHY - Jamie Davis Smith: “Stuck indoors, with a lack of client interest and the same routine day after day, can be enough to make you abandon your camera until the snow has melted and the flowers are blooming again. But, if you are committed to your art, winter can be a great opportunity to gain new skills in indoor photography and to gain a new appreciation for the everyday, not just in your own household but to help clients see the beauty in their everyday lives as well. SOURCE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jamie-davis-smith/the-art-of-every-day-phot_b_4876808.html
PHOTO: Jamie Davis Smith

START A PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS -- from your home - Alison Coleman: “Whether it's portrait photography or commercial camera work, the demand for high quality images has never been greater. And with minimal requirements of space and equipment, setting up a home-based photography business has never been easier, or more affordable. The advice from Cornwall-based commercial and landscape photographer Anthony Greenwood is to start with what you can afford.”

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SHOOTING SNOWBOARDING -- in August - Michael Clark: A few years ago I had a client from Germany that wanted to shoot four adventure sports in four days in and around Los Angeles, California. This assignment was tough because those four sports were rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing and snowboarding—and the client had to do the shoot in late August. http://tinyurl.com/mn79tt5
PHOTO: Michael Clark

MASTER IPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY - 25 Tips Sandro Cuccia: “Great photography is not necessarily about equipment. No matter what camera you use, your images can stand above all the rest. So, here’s my first set of twenty-five tips on how to master iPhone Photography:
image Sandro Cuccia

UNDER $15.00 -- Build Your Own DIY Photography Light Chris: “If you’ve ever done any kind of videography or photography, you’ll know that having enough light on your scene and your subject is the key to a good image. On a nice sunny day, that’s not much of a problem, but when shooting indoors you’re going to need a little artificial assistance. http://manmadediy.com/users/chris/posts/2884-how-to-build-your-own-diy-photography-light-for-under-15-00

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LED BULBS -- Get Into Studio Still Life Photography/ Cheap - DL Cade: If you’re just getting into studio photography, trying to figure out how to light, shoot and set up your shots can be both frustrating and expensive. Alex Koloskov of Photigy shows you how you can light studio still life shots using a few $30 dimmable LED bulbs instead of strobes.
PHOTO: Alex Koloskov

RECOVER LOST AND STOLEN EQUIPMENT Software to help - Keith Heppell
KEEPING photographic gear safe, especially cameras, is always a challenge, but an aid to making it easier to track down a digital camera after it has been lost or stolen is available from the developers behind Lenstag. SOURCE: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Lifestyle-and-Leisure/Technology/Latest-Photography-news-and-software-to-help-recover-lost-and-stolen-equipment-20140214005647.htm

Photographing Your Newborn - Jen Moore: “Tiny fingers. Sweet little feet. Soft round cheeks. Feathery, wispy, barely-there eyelashes. The awe, wonder and joy of a newborn baby is something parents want to hold on to forever, but those newborn days are gone in what seems like only a moment. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/p7esfh2
PHOTO: Jen Moore

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HANDY GLOSSARY -- Metadata Terms. Thad MCllroy and Renee Register: Metadata is data that describes a book’s content and format and provides the information needed to buy and sell books. Here’s a handy glossary with some important terms and organizations so you too can speak fluent Metadata! http://www.bookbusinessmag.com/article/metadata-glossary-the-metadata-handboook/1
PHOTO: www.blog.shareconference.com

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SOCHI WINTER OLYMPICS , as told by a pro - Katie Collins: “With 98 different sports events to cover over 16 days, the photographers covering the Sochi Winter Olympics for photo agency Getty Images certainly have their work cut out. Getty is dispatching 69 photographers to snap the games from every imaginable angle, as well creating panoramic and gigapixel imagery. Wired.co.uk caught up with one of the agency's award-winning sports photographers Adam Pretty to find out what challenges lie ahead. SOURCE: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2014-02/07/sochi-getty-photographer

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PHOTOGRAPH A SUPERCAR - Ross Jukes: “If there are two things I love in life it’s cars and photography, SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/01/25/shoot-affordable-car-like-supercar

WINTER PHOTOGRAPHY -- 6 Ways to Improve Your Photography -- On a Budget...Jamie Davis Smith: “Winter may mean heading indoors with a lack of greenery to shoot, but it doesn't mean you have to stop shooting and improving your photography. Whether you mostly shoot your own kids or shoot for a living there's no excuse not to keep improving your skills. SOURCE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jamie-davis-smith/six-ways-to-improve-your-_b_4639121.html

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PHOTO LEARNING BY THE EXPERTS -- Tim Barribeau: “The next five years will see at least a dozen courses offered by National Geographic's Masters of Photography. Joel Sartore has an introductory Fundamentals of Photography, and a series on travel photography. SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/events/159662147401004/‎

SELL YOUR PHOTOS on stock? – Fotolia: “Stock photography is becoming increasingly popular with both consumers and contributors. How to start selling your photos as stock and what to look for while shooting, to interest the client as much as possibile with your photography? Konrad Bak and Tomasz Tulik answers these questions / SOURCE: http://en.fotolia.com/Info/Contributors/GeneralInformation

SKI AND SNOWBOARD -- Dan Carr: “Professional photographer Dan Carr gives his tips on how to take the best ski and snowboard photos. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/snowandski/features/10583998/Ski-and-snowboard-photography-expert-advice.html
PHOTO: Dan Carr

PRETTIER FOOD PHOTOS -- Erin Geiger Smith: “With a few professional tweaks, amateur food photographers can give their smartphone-captured meals a major upgrade. Austin, Texas-based food photographer Jody Horton believes nearly any dish can make for a pretty picture.

PHOTO: Jody Horton

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How to ... protect photography equipment in cold weather - Bill Marchel
There’s no denying the cold we’ve experienced lately, but that’s no reason for photographers to stay indoors. Winter landscapes covered in snow and frost beckon those with discerning eyes. http://www.startribune.com/sports/outdoors/239476541.html
PHOTO: Bill Marchel

BUILDING YOUR PORTFOLIO -- Andreas Bergmann: One of the most terribad, and important, and hard, and good and wonderful and soul-crushing things one has to go through, on a regular basis, is redoing one’s portfolio. I tend to ignore it a liiiittle too long, and suddenly I look at my current website and go “Darn, this isn’t representative of my work at all anymore… time to go through that horrifying exercise in soul-crushing again” SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/opdmx6z
via Joe Stanski

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BETTER FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY -- 5 Simple Tips. Kristen Duke: “Photographing food isn't as easy as it sounds. I've photographed people for over 10 years, and I think food is much more difficult to capture. Some may laugh at that because, well, food doesn't move around as much as people do, but with food, you have to set up the scene to make it look appetizing. I've been photographing food more seriously on my blog in the past year, and I've researched and picked up some tips that will hopefully help others out in their food photography journey.
PHOTO: Kristen Duke

BATS IN YOUR BACKYARD -- How to photograph them. Jaymi Heimbuch: “ Bill Bouton may be retired from teaching college-level biology, but that only means he has more time to dedicate to his favorite hobby: photographing pretty much anything that breathes. http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/stories/how-to-photograph-bats-in-your-backyard

THE JOSHUA TREE - While on a trip to a near-abandoned town in the USA, David Ward happened upon the right subject but the wrong light. He talks us through the ‘Joshua Tree' picture that was worth waiting for. http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/how-to/icons-of-photography/540328/photo-insight-with-david-ward-joshua-tree
PHOTO: David Ward

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NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY - Will Dickey: They ask me. “I have a basic digital camera. How do I get the most out of nature photos? I get this question a lot. The answer might surprise you, but it’s not really the camera you have, it’s what you have between your ears, meaning your brain and your eyes. No matter what you shoot with, it’s still your noggin’ that really makes the difference.” SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/m748txe

LOCK FOCUS AND EXPOSURE on the iPhone Camera. Fred Straker: “There are some situations where a change in focus can be distracting, or an exposure shift detracts from the scene. For this reason, ever since iOS 5 the built-in Camera app makes it possible to lock both the autofocus and auto exposure. “
SOURCE: http://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/973135

PHOTO: Rick Fisk ricfiske[at]yahoo[dot]com

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How To Photograph Snowflakes - Laura Hicks: “With the impending reality of white death rearing its ugly head upon the Ohio Valley, I gathered my gear, strapped on my boots and waited for the perfect photographic moment which would allow me to capture all that was magical about winter. Dancing snowflakes became the perfect photographic fodder for the dreary day. Armed only with the Olympus TG-2, a flashlight, and a MeFoto tripod, I headed outside soon after the snow started to fall. "Seriously?" you ask, "You are only taking a little rugged camera with you do this intensely detailed work?" Yes and here's why... SOURCE: http://www.digitalcamerareview.com/default.asp?newsID=5465&news=how+to+photograph+snowflakes+with+a+point+and+shoot+camera
PHOTO: Laura Hicks

SEASON'S PHOTOS -- Wherever you are in the U.S., there's bound to be a great place nearby to capture the season's best photos. Jonathan Yu: “Between pristine, snow-covered landscapes and bright, colorful holiday decorations, winter in the United States provides great opportunities for beautiful photography. National parks, Christmas-themed towns, and even busy city squares are prime photo hot spots around this time of year, and there are countless options spread across the country. SOURCE: http://cameras.reviewed.com/features/hot-spots-for-amazing-holiday-photography?utm_source=usat&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=collab
PHOTO: Flickr user "laserbub"
Via Joe Stanski

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LENS BLOG - Is Your Photo Project a Contender? - David Walker: “Jim Estrin, founder and co-editor of Lens, the popular New York Times photography blog, recently sat down with PDN to talk about what he looks for in photo projects, what distinguishes the projects that Lens blog publishes, and why Lens editors reject many other stories. For photographers trying to get his attention, he offers insight and tips about work ethic, story choice, and representation of subjects.” http://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2013/11/pdn-video-is-your-photo-project-a-contender-for-lens-blog.html
via Roy Iwaki>

DEAD FISH -- These Cookbook Photos Redefine What Fresh Seafood Looks Like. Maanvi Singh: “How to make book attractive? That's the challenge New York-based duo Shimon and Tammar Rothstein faced when they were hired to do the photography for famed French chef Eric Ripert's book On the Line. The book has been out for a few years, but it caught our attention again when it popped up on photography blog Feature Shoot this month.” SOURCE: http://keranews.org/post/these-cookbook-photos-redefine-what-fresh-seafood-looks
PHOTO Shimon and Tammar

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HEAD SHOT -- New Technique In Photoshop - Gary Martin: “ This tutorial series, so far, has been one of my favorites. Aaron Nace, the founder of Phlearn, shows us a new technique with custom brushes for giving your subjects a unique corporate head shot look. This tutorial is a 4 part video series, enjoy. SOURCE: http://fstoppers.com/new-corporate-head-shot-technique-in-photoshop

RANK ON IMAGE SEARCH - Dave Davies: Image Optimization: Size Matters. The key to any coding or design endeavor is to get the most for the least. That is, to get everything you want visually with the least amount of code and the smallest size. Images are no different. While admittedly I haven't seen a direct correlation (even spurious) between image size and the ranking of images on image search, it is a factor Google uses for page speed which is a factor Google uses for rankings. SOURCE: http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2120682/Image-Optimization-How-to-Rank-on-Image-Search

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BE AN AUTHOR -- Yahoo! Introduces New Flickr Photo Books Service, Keeps Flickr Renaissance Going - David Becker: "Just in time for the Holidays, Yahoo! is introducing a new service for printing custom photo books through Flickr, touting automatic features and a “clean, stunning design” that the company hopes will encourage Flickr users to take advantage of the new feature instead of going elsewhere for their photo book needs. SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2013/11/20/flickr-revival-strategy-includes-new-photo-book-service/
BOOK : Ken Yeung

DIY HIGH-SPEED - Phred Petersen, RMIT: “High-speed photography in still images and cinema seems to be the latest rage. And while modern technology has made much of the equipment easily accessible, the basic techniques have been used since the mid-to-late 1800s. For still photography, high-speed photography means those photographs made with an exposure time of 1 millisecond (1/1000 of a second) or shorter. In 1856, a British amateur photographer named Thomas Skaife invented a high-speed shutter to photograph cannonballs in flight for the first time. SOURCE: http://www.sciencealert.com.au/features/20131711-25019-2.html
PHOTO: Phred Pertersen/Dreamstime

CAR PHOTOGRAPHY -- Your Best Tip/ Raphael Orlove: “What took me a while to master was getting steady panning shots right. Basically, you move your camera following with a moving car, so that it looks like the car stays in motion while the background is blurry. It gives an impression of speed that you just don't get any other way. SOURCE:
PHOTO: Raphael Orlove

SMARTPHONE PHOTOS -- The best camera is the one you have with you - Taylor Hatmaker: “The line between photography and “photography” is long gone. While you might not be inhaling darkroom chemicals like our non-digital forebears, the craft of mobile photography is an art unto itself—and it can be taken to the next level. Even traditional DSLR and film photographers might have a thing or two to learn in the transition.

ABOUT THE JAW – (Video) Want to look more photogenic or photograph people looking more photogenic? Peter Hurley explains how he accentuates the jawline of his clients with a few simple tips that you'll want to add to your repertoire for quick use whenever you have a human being in front of your camera. “ SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe3oJnFtA_k&feature=youtu.be

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Jennifer Duke: The worst real estate photographs you've likely ever seen
We all know the importance of good photography when selling your property. It comes as quite a shock then, when we see bad photography being used to present a property. And you'd be surprised at how bad it can get.

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LEVITATE A SANDWICH: 'Modernist Cuisine' Spills Photo Secrets - Michaeleen Doucleff: "A ham and cheese sandwich floats in midair. A Weber grill is sliced in half to expose a burger sizzling inside. The Photography of Modernist Cuisine is both a visual feast and a practical guide to food photography. SOURCE: http://www.capradio.org/news/npr/story?storyid=241848440
PHOTO: Nathan Myhrvold

THE PERFECT HOLIDAY PORTRAIT – StatePoint: “If your family’s seasonal traditions include taking a holiday portrait, you probably have a stack of photos that all pretty much look the same. Rather than adding another stilted family photo to the pile this year, consider breaking out of the mold with a candid portrait instead. Candid photography is how you can really capture the personality and spirit of your subjects, say the experts. SOURCE: http://www.harlandaily.com/news/news_local_features/2753980/How-to-take-the-perfect-holiday-portrait

Urban Exploration - Reavyn
I recently, for the first time in my life, explored three abandoned places. Two of these three had structures I could go inside. The third I haven't explored fully, yet. A small warehouse that looks as if there had been a bit of a fire, though most of it looks as if it wasn't touched, was the first one. I had to sneak through a gap in the fence (there were no No Trespassing signs anywhere in site) to get into it. SOURCE: http://observationdeck.io9.com/urban-exploration-photography-1452542892

THE EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHER -- Practical Advice. Jay Trinidad: "Certain photographers, the ones who derive a visceral pleasure from what they do, possess a kind of enthusiasm, wonder, and openness about life that keeps them continually contributing to the larger world of photography. I had the opportunity to talk with three photographers — David Carol, James Estrin, and Ben Lowy at the PhotoPlus Expo int New York. SOURCE: http://www.stellakramer.com/2013/10/31/practical-advice-for-the-emerging-photographer/

SIMPLIFYING PHOTOGRAPHY -- Google shoots for it. Zach Miners: “Mastering photography is hard, and Google wants to make it easier with new features for its Google+ social network like more image auto-enhancement features and on-the-fly splicing of multiple exposures.” http://www.networkworld.com/news/2013/102913-google-shoots-for-simplifying-275374.html

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GETTING READY --- Tips on wildlife photography by photographer Weldon Lee/ - Dan Barker: Getting ready beforehand is the key to taking good wildlife photos. Often, people see the perfect shot, as an animal poses, but it happens suddenly, and they are not prepared, said Weldon Lee, who was teaching The Magic of Wildlife Photography Saturday. Unfortunately, they may use their largest lenses, point and shoot, without having any idea what they really want to do, he said. "You usually end up with a mediocre image," Lee said.
PHOTO: Rick Fisk - ricfiske[at]yahoo[dot]com

5 Tips For Taking Mobile Photos ‘Like A Pro’ - David Cohen: “When it comes to posts by brands on Facebook, marketing study after marketing study after marketing study has found that photos and images result in more engagement than text-based posts. So how can marketers ensure that their photos are of the best quality? Serban Enache, CEO of stock-photography provider Dreamstime, shared the following five tips for how to take mobile photos “like a pro.”
PHOTO: Serban Enach/Dreamstime

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STOP AND STARE -- Good nature photography starts before picking up a camera - Joe Hadsall: “ Nature photography requires good equipment and familiarity with how to use it. But when asked about the biggest secret to taking good photos, an award-winning Joplin, MO, photographer skipped all that. She learned the secret from taking her grand-nieces on long walks.” SOURCE: http://www.joplinglobe.com/lifestyles/x2112904942/Stop-and-stare-Good-nature-photography-starts-before-picking-up-camera

NAIL THE HIGHLIGHTS -- Thoughts on Still & Motion Photography - (ASMP) A brief Q&A with Chase Jarvis. http://www.asmp.org/strictlybusiness/2013/10/thoughts-on-still-motion-photography

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GOOD COMMUNICATION -- Using Positive Language to Communicate With Your Subjects - Christina Craft: “Besides technical skills, the single most important tool you can have in your arsenal is good communication skills. Most people are not used to being photographed by a professional photographer. How that person feels about you may be projected into how he or she feels about the photos. That's why it's your job to make your subject trust you and feel comfortable. SOURCE: http://www.nyip.edu/photo-articles/archive/using-positive-language-with-photo-subjects?code=D280

COMMON HDR IMAGE PROBLEMS -- Top Techniques To Eliminate Them. HDRPhotographyPro.com, a photographer training resource for people to learn hdr techniques online, has released a new training for the most troublesome challenges photographers face. SOURCE: http://www.hdrphotographypro.com http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1517098

DON’T SAY CHEESE -- 7 Lifestyle Photography Tips – Annie Tao: “Lifestyle Photography is the opposite of look-at-me-and-say-cheese type of portraiture. If your subjects have something to do, then you are setting the stage for their personalities to show and they will have natural expressions.” SOURCEE: http://digital-photography-school.com/lifestyle-photography-tips
PHOTO: Annie Tao

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MAKE MONEY ONLINE -- 9 Ways You Can. Joel Brown: "Photography is one of the most interesting pastimes you can get into, but it's also a very interesting profession. Can you make money from photography? The answer is a big fat YES! No matter the skill level, there are multiple ways in which you can make money from photography as a career, or for even a bit of extra income to compliment that of your main career. SOURCE: http://addicted2success.com/success-advice/9-ways-you-can-make-money-online-with-photography/

THE NFL -- What I Learned Trvor Deyley: "I stood on the bright fresh green grass, eyes wide open watching the Arizona Cardinals on their practice field. This was my first time shooting professional sports and I was excited to be there. At the end of the day I walked away with some great photos, but even more important I learned a lesson in the art of mastering your craft." SOURCE:
PHOTO: Trevor Dayley