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BIKE TRANSYLVANIA -- The Transylvania Tourism Development Authority (TDA) has released the first edition of Bike Transylvania, a new magazine highlighting local cycling opportunities and culture. SOURCE: http://www.transylvaniatimes.com/story/2014/07/17/news/bike-transylvania-magazine-released-brevard-nc/18757.html

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ELECTRIC CARS -- Autovolt : “We have been working to bring you the UK’s first hybrid and electric vehicle magazine. Inside the first issue, there are latest news and reviews plus several feature articles that are sure to bring much fascination and intrigue. Currently, the magazine is available as a digital magazine on Magzter and print version via MagCloud. SOURCE: http://www.autovolt-magazine.com/2014/07/brand-new-electric-hybrid-magazine-launched/

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59 NEW TITLES -- Samir Husni: “June showed us that even in the throes of a beginning Summer, magazines can compete with the heat and sizzle as well. Eleven new titles popped with frequency and the specials, including magnificent book-a-zines. SOURCE: http://launchmonitor.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/joining-the-month-of-june-were-59-new-titles-with-11-promising-frequency/

AUXILARY MAGAZINE - Peter House: “Auxiliary Magazine is all about alternatives. They go against the mainstream to bring you the beauty of sub-culture which they have been proudly doing for 5 years and through 32 issues. I sat down with the Editor In Chief, Jennifer Link, to discuss what it takes to run a popular independent magazine. SOURCE: http://fstoppers.com/originals/auxiliary-magazine-going-print-and-they-want-your-support-16265

93 LAUNCH in First Half of 2014 -- Erik Sass: “New magazine launches again outnumbered titles that were closed by a substantial margin in the first half of 2014, according to MediaFinder.com, an online database of U.S. and Canadian publications owned by Oxbridge Communications. SOURCE: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/229207/93-magazines-launch-in-first-half-of-2014.html

HORSES -- International horse sports are chronicled in new Canadian magazine - Meg Weaver: “Horse Sport International” magazine reports on the news, politics and people that shape the international equestrian community. SOURCE: http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/international-horse-sports-are-chronicled-in-new-canadian-magazine/

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FORBES.Lifecom, now on the internet will publish daily features on men’s and women’s fashion, watches and jewelry, automobiles and boats, real estate and luxury homes, fine dining and drinks, arts and culture, as well as life’s other indulgences. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/l9dnlrw

CLARITY OF VOICE: Picture Editor Mike Davis On in Today's Media Landscape - Meghan Ahearn. “Mike Davis was twice named Newspaper Picture Editor of the Year (POYi and BOP), and spent time at National Geographic and The Oregonian, for the past four years he’s primarily been a consultant, working directly with photographers on everything from editing finished bodies of work to advising them while a series is in progress in order to fill holes in their narratives. Being in the unique position of collaborating with a variety of photographers gives Davis a keen insight on the direction the industry is headed. http://www.pdnonline.com/features/Picture-Editor-Mike--11027.shtml

DISABLED SPORTS -- Momentum Magazine Launch. CycleMiles: “It’s a beautifully produced magazine and issue one has articles on IceTrikes, British Cycling, Sky Rides and the Dare 2b Yorkshire Festival of Cycling as well as other articles on accessible cycling and lots of other sports. It’s a great read about disabled sports. SOURCE: http://www.cyclemiles.co.uk/news/momentum-magazine-launch-june-2014/

PUTTING MULTIMEDIA INTO YOUR WORKFLOW -- Media Shift: Many magazines have at last redesigned their workflows to smoothly incorporate multimedia development. Multimedia for the web or tablet editions is no longer an inconvenient afterthought, but has become an integral part of the editorial process. SOURCE:

FOOD & FARM NICHE -- Patrick Duprey: “No one’s accusing Arkansas Food & Farm, the latest content play from the nearly 40-year-old indie outlet Arkansas Times, of not having a target audience. Rebekah Hardin, associate publisher of Food & Farm, calls the magazine a “farmer’s phone book.”

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TRAVEL FOOD -- Meg Weaver: “Food Traveler magazine is packed with information on exquisite food and travel destinations in the United States and abroad. The bi-annual features places that are accessible to most travelers, and destinations that offer a unique culinary experience. http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/new-travel-magazine-highlights-food

LONELY PLANET REFRESHES -- IN JULY 2014 ISSUE - Dominic Lobley: "Lonely Planet Traveller magazine has had a stunning redesign for its July issue – on sale starting Friday 6th June. The new look sees greater alignment with the Lonely Planet parent brand, the introduction of new regular features and more colour throughout. SOURCE: http://www.immediate.co.uk/news/brand/lonely-planet-traveller-magazines-design-refresh-launches-in-july-2014-issue/

DAIRY FARMERS -- Zach Despart:“Many businesses release quarterly newsletters to keep their customers up to date on what’s going on in their industry, but Phoenix Feeds and Nutrition Inc. is upping the ante. The New Haven company, which serves those on the front lines of agriculture, last week introduced a new dairy magazine called Perspectives: Dairy farming in the Northeast. SOURCE: http://www.addisonindependent.com/?q=201406grain-seller-profiles-dairy-farmers-new-magazine

Game Changers -- The Boston Globe Announces Inaugural Magazine - The Pulitzer-Prize winning Boston Globe today announced the inaugural issue of Game Changers Magazine, recognizing 56 entrepreneurial organizations with a presence in Massachusetts in 2013 that made a significant economic and life-changing impact, here and worldwide. The organizations and products featured in the 58-page magazine were selected from more than 100 public nominations and by Globe business reporters. Here’s a sampling of the inaugural Game Changers:

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- Andrea Romano
Photo Series Looks at the Grotesque Side of Beauty Rituals -- Some women change nearly every aspect of their bodies in order to be deemed "beautiful." They paint their nails, style their hair, put on makeup and even subject themselves to painful surgical treatments in the pursuit of perfection. Photographer Jessica Ledwich shows a grotesque side of everyday beauty rituals in her series

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PARENTING -- Meg Weaver: “ Just Kidding is a new quarterly parenting magazine from Chicago Tribune. It targets those with children from infants to teens – more specifically parents of pre-school and elementary-school-age kids. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/mtklhs9

KIDS CREATE COVERS -- Boden marks first as kids create their own covers - Jo Francis: “Boden has executed its most ambitious personalised catalogue campaign yet, by allowing children to create their own cover designs for the MiniBoden summer catalogue, in what is believed to be a first for any catalogue company. The campaign ran in the UK, Germany and United States, with a total of 15,000 personalised catalogues mailed out last month. http://www.printweek.com/print-week/news/1144590/boden-marks-kids-create-covers

MANY MAGAZINE LAUNCHES -- Samir Husni: “May 2014 has proven to be a successful month for new magazine launches. 96 new faces smiled back at me as I joyfully shopped and purchased each one…27 are with regular frequency. http://launchmonitor.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/what-a-may-a-months-bevy-of-new-launches-is-unbelievable-96-new-titles-in-all-27-of-them-are-with-regular-frequency/

CHANGES COMING to the pages of PEOPLE -- Joe Pompeo: Capital has learned that Cagle, the former Entertainment Weekly editor who replaced longtime People editor Larry Hackett in January, is blowing up the magazine's front-of-book section, "Picks and Pans," replacing its long-running movie, music, television and book reviews with a new franchise that better reflects the ways people are consuming culture online. http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/media/2014/05/8546251/changes-coming-pages-empeopleem

CONSOLIDATION -- Motor Trend, Automobile magazines reshappmg -- Mark Rechtin: “Source Interlink, the publisher of magazines including Motor Trend, Hot Rod and Super Street, is restructuring its automotive titles under a new branding group called The Enthusiast Network. As part of the overhaul, Jean Jennings, one of the few female automotive journalists in a top management position, has resigned as editor of Automobile magazine, the company said in a statement. "We're no longer in neutral," Scott Dickey, CEO of Source Interlink since February, said Thursday in an interview with Advertising Age, an affiliate of Automotive News. "We're now in gear."

Federation starts new magazine, Belong - Lois K. Solomon
Magazine explores Jewish lifestyle in Palm Beach County. Belong, a new magazine from the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, has made a summer debut. The glossy journal will explore the lifestyle, personalities, events and interests of the Jewish community in Palm Beach County, home to more than 250,000 Jews. The first issue offers stories on Palm Beach native Jane Holzer and the Jewish Women's Foundation's efforts to combat sex trafficking. Articles on health and entertainment, as well as news about the federation and its partner agencies, are expected in upcoming editions.

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WIRED by Design, a Live Magazine. will bring together some of the world's most creative minds, on September 29th-October 1st. It will be an intimate gathering designed to inspire both the speakers and attendees, SOURCE:

MAGAZINE CEO’S URGE GROWTH -- Magazine chiefs urge industry change from burning platform to growth - John Reynolds & Mark Sweney: Job cuts, relocation and reorganization are dominating the magazine world as it grapples with digital challenges. Marcus Rich, the new head of the UK's biggest magazine publisher, used the Professional Publishers Association conference recently to tell his peers that it is now imperative that magazines be transformed from a "burning platform into a growth business". SOURCE: http://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/may/25/magazine-change-digital-job-cuts

DUTCH PUBLICATION: “A New Magazine -- Janet: “Daphne's Diary, a new publication, is a Dutch magazine with a mix of articles and inspiring ideas. http://yellowpinkandsparkly.blogspot.ca/2014/05/a-new-magazine.html

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DIY FASHION MAGAZINE -- US publisher adds a DIY fashion magazine from BurdaStyle - Meg Weaver: “BurdaStyle, the German print magazine “for people who sew,” has added a US edition. The European pattern-maker now publishes in over 90 countries and 17 languages. It will be published quarterly in the US. http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/05/15/us-publisher-adds-a-diy-fashion-magazine-from-burdastyle/

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ADOPTEES -- New online magazine covers – and is written by – adoptees - Meg Weaver: Gazillion Voices, the online monthly magazine, grew out of the “Land of Gazillion Adoptees” blog written by Korean adoptee Kevin Haebeom Vollmers, now co-editor of the magazine. The editorial covers exclusive cover stories; columns and opinion pieces; film and photo essays that show adoptees in their everyday lives; podcasts that dive into complex issues; video interviews with adoptees from all across the US and world. http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/new-online-magazine-covers-and-is-written-by-adoptees-2/

First and business class passengers on United Airlines will get a little more luxury - Meg Weaver: "Rhapsody is a new luxury lifestyle print magazine available to United’s premium-cabin customers and visitors to United Global First lounges and United Club locations. The editorial covers timely news and insights about the latest in culture, luxury goods, fine dining, fashion and hospitality. http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/first-and-business-class-passengers-on-united-airlines-will-get-a-little-more-luxury/

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Los Angeles Register, a new daily newspaper for Southern California, has launched - Meg Weaver: “The new voice of LA,” is what the new Los Angeles newspaper calls itself. Published by Orange County-based Freedom Communications, the daily will have a hyper-local focus with a “right of center” viewpoint. However, the paper will feature only a single edition with monthly community sections. http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/los-angeles-register-a-new-daily-newspaper-for-southern-california-has-launched/

Android phone users inspire a new print magazine - Meg Weaver: “The publisher of iPhone Life magazine, the Fairfield, IA-based Mango Life Media, now has launched a print magazine of its own. Android Life is designed to help users of Android phones and tablets get the most from their gadgets. http://tinyurl.com/q4ekepr

WANTS AND DESIRES -- April Showered Us With 66 New Titles… - Samir Husni: “There is something for everyone this month as the titles deliver interests as diverse as readers. From new puzzle launches to eating healthy and staying fit; April proved to continue the legacy that magazines have always had: reflecting the wants and desires of American culture. http://launchmonitor.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/april-showers-us-with-66-new-titles-22-of-them-with-frequency/

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VRAI Magazine -- Baker Bettie: “A new kind of blog lifestyle magazine, one that focuses on true stories from real bloggers. We have developed a team of core editors who are truly fabulous. From food to travel, to parenting and fashion, to gardening and crafts and more.” SOURCE: http://bakerbettie.com/vrai-magazine-launch/

ROBB REPORT: Launches Health & Wellness Quarterly - Arti Patel: “Robb Report, the luxury lifestyle brand serving ultra-affluent connoisseurs with a slew of publications and digital portals, is launching a new magazine this spring focused on health and wellness. The debut issue's circulation totals nearly 87,000 copies. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/odqqb5p

PHOTOGRAPHER RENÉE C. BYER: Living on a Dollar A Day - Becky Harlan: “Approximately one out of six people in the world live on a dollar a day. It’s a statistic that remains abstract for many who do not feel its implications on a day-to-day basis. That’s why Byer traveled to four continents to capture the circumstances of people living in extreme poverty—to give us the names and show us the faces of those it haunts. http://proof.nationalgeographic.com/2014/04/15/qa-renee-c-byers-living-on-a-dollar-a-day/
PHOTO: Renée C. Byer
Via: Joe Stanski

GOODBYE WONDERFUL WIFE -- No More for Japanese Publisher - Jun Hong: Being a “wonderful wife” is no longer enough for a typical Japanese woman today—she aspires to combine kids and housework with a career outside the home. So says a Japanese publisher that is doing away with its monthly “Wonderful Wife,” a former top-selling title that has fallen on hard times recently. SOURCE: http://blogs.wsj.com/japanrealtime/2014/04/17/its-a-wonderful-wife-no-more-for-japanese-publisher/

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SIDETRACKED - Jon: “A new adventure magazine that's a bit different. It is, for want of a better term, a coffee table-style adventure journal. http://www.outdoorsmagic.com/outdoor-news-blog/sidetracked---a-new-magazine-really/12751.html

Titan Launches New Star Wars Magazine - Dustin: “The new Star Wars Magazine brings fans brand-new comic strip adventures, features, games and puzzles from the Star Wars™ universe – featuring your fave Star Wars: The Clone Wars characters alongside heroes and villains from all six awesome movies.”
SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/lwonc5d

PETER RABBIT -- Joe Lenane: “Immediate Media Co is launching Peter Rabbit magazine - a new pre-school title channeling the spirit of Beatrix Potter’s stories. Sara Oldham, Editor of Peter Rabbit magazine, said: “Peter Rabbit is a magical educational magazine for 3-5 year-old boys and girls who have a hunger for radishes and a thirst for adventure! https://www.nfrnonline.com/News-Magazines/News-and-Magazines-Latest-News/The-Best-New-Titles/Peter-Rabbit-Magazine-to-Launch-Next-Month

SENIORS ONLY -- New website wants to be everything for seniors - Meg Weaver: Complete Senior is a new digital magazine for people 50+ .
.. http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/04/16/new-website-wants-to-be-everything-for-seniors/

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People.com goes Country in new website section - Meg Weaver: “People magazine’s website, people.com, has a new vertical that is a “one-stop-shopping for [Country music’s] super fans.” The section’s editors claim that Country music is no longer just a genre but a lifestyle and part of our larger pop culture universe. SOURCE: http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/04/03/people-com-goes-country-in-new-website-section/

FOR KIDS AND TEENS WITH HEARING LOSS -- Entrepreneur starts magazine– EllenFutterman: “Already an award-winning children’s author, Melanie Paticoff, 24, of St. Louis, recently launched what she describes as the first magazine designed for young people, ages 5 to 18, with hearing loss. Hearing Our Way, which will be available in print in June, features stories from teens with hearing loss as well as advice, tips and lessons in self-advocacy. http://www.stljewishlight.com/news/news_schmooze/article_cee66f74-bffd-11e3-bddc-0019bb2963f4.html

HEALTH MYTHS -- Max Pemberton: “Spectator Health is a lively, myth-busting quarterly publication that cuts through the claims and counter-claims you read in everyday health journalism to provide clear, concise and expert advice and information. SOURCE:

FOOD AND FARM -- Arkansas Times announces new Magazine – “Michael Roberts I've been working on a new magazine to be published by the Arkansas Times in May called Farm and Food. This is a wonderful project that pulls together a lot of the things that have been on my wish-list for some time — a comprehensive directory of specialty product growers, producers, artisans, chefs, CSAs, and farmers markets from all over our great state.” SOURCE: http://www.arktimes.com/EatArkansas/archives/2014/04/07/arkansas-times-announces-new-food-and-farm-magazine

LOSE IT! - Media Update: “LOSE IT!, a new magazine launched in April, is at the vanguard of that revolution. Headed up by experienced editor Suzy Brokensha, the bang-on-trend quarterly is produced by media giant Media24. “There’s no doubt that there’s a complete shift underway in the way we eat,” says Brokensha. SOURCE:

More news about magazines http://publishing.sellphotos.com/

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LAUNCHES OUTNUMBER CLOSURES in First Quarter 2014 - Ellen Harvey: “Despite major tumults in the magazine industry, there are signs of hope as Q1 2014 comes to a close. Nearly twice as many magazines have been launched this quarter as in Q1 2013, according to MediaFinder, a database of over 77,000 U.S. and Canadian periodicals. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/phd4klo

PORTLAND MAINE -- plans June launch - Kathleen Pierce: “VIDEO- Perched in his offices above the cobblestones of the Old Port, the publisher of Maine magazine wants more. More restaurant coverage, more art openings, more Portland life in print. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/khq4h62

MONTHLY FAIRY TAIL -- to Launch With Fairy Tail Zero Manga - Anime News Network: “Fairy Tail manga creator Hiro Mashima announced that a new magazine called Monthly Fairy Tail will launch. Every 2,980-yen (about US$30) issue will include a DVD with four television anime episodes. SOURCE: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-03-30/monthly-fairy-tail-magazine-to-launch-with-fairy-tail-zero-manga

NEW FOR MARCH - Samir Husni: “From the return of Newsweek and Jacques to Wolf, Winq., to Branché and Sophia the First, including Everyday Home and Digital Inspiration, no subject was left unturned or uncovered. SOURCE: http://launchmonitor.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/75-new-magazines-for-march-30-titles-blooming-with-frequency-and-45-special-additions-to-the-garden/

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OK! magazine launches in Pakistan - Shahzeb Jillani The UK-based international celebrity magazine, OK!, has launched a new edition in Pakistan . SOURCE: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-26705890

Big Jim: A new magazine, and old sauce, and a great story - Jim Griffith: “There’s a great new magazine in Tucson these days. Since last October, Edible Baja Arizona has been “celebrating the foodways of Tucson and the borderlands” every two months. Doug Biggers, of Tucson Weekly fame, is the editor and publisher. It joins a long list of “Edible” magazines nationwide, and it is distributed free! For a list of places to find it, go to...
PHOTO: Jim Griffith

CHANGEOVER -- Washington Post fashion magazine has re-launched - Meg Weaver: “Fashion Washington, the fashion magazine from Washington Post, has relaunched with a monthly schedule and a new format and expanded coverage of lifestyle topics like design and travel. It “captures this stylish scene, from trend-setting diplomats to star-studded parties and store openings,” according to its website. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/mscq28q

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‘Sister’ title to Marie Claire debuts - Meg Weaver: “Branché is a new print magazine from the editors of Marie Claire. The free 42-page “pop-up magazine” will be hand distributed in certain neighborhoods in New York City. The title is a French word that loosely translates to “clued-in.” SOURCE: http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/03/12/sister-title-to-marie-claire-debuts/

Regional publisher launches new lifestyle magazine - Paul Linford: “Regional publisher Archant is extending its lifestyle magazines portfolio with the launch of a new title in the North West.The Cheshire Resident is being marketed as “the region’s most luxurious lifestyle publication” and will be distributed to 30,000 high-end homes and businesses. “ http://www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk/2014/news/regional-publisher-launches-new-lifestyle-magazine/

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RESURRECTION -- The Return of Newsweek to Print - Samir Husni: “More Cheers for its Rebirth than Jeers of its Demise. A Mr. Magazine Interview with Newsweek’s Editor Jim Impoco, and discover why he thinks the new business model for the ink on paper magazine is certain to work. SOURCE: https://mrmagazine.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/the-return-of-newsweek-to-print-more-cheers-for-its-rebirth-than-jeers-of-its-demise-a-mr-magazine-interview-with-newsweeks-editor-jim-impoco/

Sexy New Fashion Magazine Vamp Is Dedicated to Strong Women - Alyssa Vingan
With all of the “print is dead” heresy that’s come along with the digital age, we’re always happy to see a new magazine come to life. The latest glossy to hit the fashion space is called Vamp, which officially hits shelves on Mar. 17. Created by David Vivirido and Francesco Sourigues — the duo behind the men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine HerculesVamp promises to focus on strong, powerful women, captured in ’60s and ’70s-inspired photographs. According to Business of Fashion, the Vamp muse is anything but shy, and can “include any woman in control — of her life, wardrobe, desires, career and self-image.”

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COVER GIRL -- Could you be the star of a national campaign - Women’s Health has launched, ‘The Body 2014’, on its first ever nationwide search for a new magazine cover star. Up for grabs will be the chance to grace the iconic Women’s Health cover and appear in three separate fitness shoots for the magazine. http://www.lep.co.uk/news/could-you-be-the-star-of-national-campaign-1-6475576

NEW TITLES -- Hit The Ground Running In February - Samir Husni: “February gave us 58 new titles – a sure sign that print is still on the minds of many magazine publishers and dreamers in this digital age. We had 17 new titles with frequency and 41 specials.” http://launchmonitor.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/58-new-titles-hit-the-ground-running-in-february-17-with-frequency-41-specials-another-great-month-for-new-launches/

OLDWEEK -- Pricey Relaunch - Ken Doctor The newsweekly thinks it can be reborn in print as a premium product. But at $150 a year, can it provide enough value to bring back readers — no matter how nice the paper stock is? Maybe the third time is the charm. Three years before Don Graham and Jeff Bezos talked about selling and buying The Washington Post, the Graham family bid goodbye to its second favorite son, Newsweek. http://www.niemanlab.org/2014/03/the-newsonomics-of-newsweeks-pricey-relaunch/

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CELEBRATING DOGS -- A new magazine dedicated to celebrating our four-legged friends - Rob Alderson: “Our canine chums now boast their own magazine Popular online site Four & Sons has moved into print. Marta Roca describes the new title as ‘the publication where dogs and culture collide.’” SOURCE: http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/four-and-sons-1

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KEEPING FIT -- Healthy and Healthy For Men keeping fit in an ailing market - The River Group: “River is delighted to announce that Healthy Magazine and Healthy For Men magazine, the titles we publish for Holland & Barrett, both increased their circulation over 2013 whilst the market saw a 7% decline.” http://www.therivergroup.co.uk/healthy-healthy-men-keeping-fit-ailing-market/

RE-LAUNCH -- Bellamy Young Graces Cover - BELLA Magazine announced the official re-launch of the magazine, NYC’s premiere newsstand publication offering an insiders guide to one of the most affluent and bustling areas in America. BELLA will be unveiling a sleek new look, and will be introducing compelling new writing and dynamic new sections specifically tailored for the modern urban women of today. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/02/prweb11549107.htm

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NEW LAUNCHES -- January, 2014…77 - Samir Husni: January 2014 has started the new year off fantastic as far as new launches…the cold weather seems to have injected some fertilizer-laced frost all across the garden of new magazines as 77 new germinations shot straight up and out of the hearts and minds of publishers…including the revival of the print version of Sesame Street, which had folded in 2008. http://launchmonitor.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/bitterly-cold-temps-seem-to-grow-the-best-new-magazines-77-new-launches-for-january-2014-15-with-frequency/

DOMINO MAGAZINE -- The Media Model Of The Future? - Kate Harrison: Despite its million plus circulation, Conde Nast suspended publication of the magazine when the economy dipped in 2008 and magazine subscriptions, advertising and fashion spending fell significantly. But the publication is back, and many would argue it’s better than ever. Of all of the content/ commerce experiments currently in the market, domino’s chances of success are relatively high for several reasons” SOURCE: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kateharrison/2014/02/07/will-conde-nasts-domino-magazine-be-the-media-model-of-the-future/

Magazine Calls Photographer an A-hole
and Threatens To Sue After Stealing Her Photo - David Bickley: “You gotta love a good copyright blunder and horrid damage control story. What makes this one even better is not only the completely intentional watermark removal, but the colorful email the photographer received after asking that the photo be taken down. And the best part? Oh yeah, the photographer is also an attorney! http://fstoppers.com/magazine-calls-photographer-a-hole-and-threatens-to-sue-after-stealing-her-photo

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REVIVAL -- New Editor Looks to Update 129-Year-Old Good Housekeeping - Michael Sebastian: "The magazine faces a looming challenge, inherent in its very name -- Good Housekeeping? The moniker is old-fashioned, calling to mind 1950s housewives. Hearst executives say Good Housekeeping is a healthy business, but they also acknowledge the desire to evolve it.

HEALTH AND BEAUTY IN 1915 -- Vintage advice columns show little change in women's woes - Amie Keeley: “It seems the women of 1915 were not all that different from today’s image-conscious breed, even as far as living in fear of unsightly hollows around the neck and shoulders. The fascinating insight into the exercise and beauty tips of a century ago comes from a new magazine which is reprinting advice from the archives of Woman’s Weekly. SOURCE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2551934/A-ladys-guide-beating-bingo-wings-1915-Vintage-advice-columns-little-change-womens-woes.html

Ascension Magazine is Launching in 2014 - Sasha Sarago, Founder of Ascension Sasha Sarago says she sees the launch of the magazine as a platform for indigenous and ethnic models, writers, designers and communities, to be represented authentically and with pride. Ascension Magazine’s first print and online edition is scheduled for release in Spring/Summer 2014. SOURCE:

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Like the Wind -- Running. Ian Corless: ‘The magazine is a collection of stories about running, brought together to inspire, motivate and delight. The stories, told through words and images, have come from the widest possible range of runners and are about every different type of running, from track sprinting to ultra trail running to road racing. http://iancorless.org/2014/01/29/like-the-wind-a-new-magazine-about-running-is-launched/

KILL YOUR PRINT PUBLICATION ? Do Not Before You Watch and Read This - Samir Husni: “Dr. Robert Magee, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech State University says “Ceasing a print publication in favor of an online-only publication might hurt the effectiveness of an organization’s marketing communications, and managers should not make the decision based on cost alone.” SOURCE: http://mrmagazine.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/warning-do-not-kill-your-print-publication-before-you-watch-and-read-this/

HEALTH AND PERSONAL FULFILLMENT. Hearst Magazines Introduces Dr. Oz THE GOOD LIFE - Marketwired: Dr. Oz THE GOOD LIFE, a new magazine. The brand introduces a fresh, original voice to the market, covering everything from physical and emotional well-being, to food, beauty, finances, diet and exercise, all through the prism of Dr. Oz's upbeat personality and insights SOURCE: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/hearst-magazines-introduces-dr-oz-the-good-life-1872538.htm
Also: http://nypost.com/2014/01/26/dr-oz-magazine-launch-set-for-feb-4/

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PARENTING -- Meg Weaver: “The monthly aims to encourage education, provide support to parents, introduce new businesses and information, create a bond within families and keep them busy with an in-depth calendar of events. http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/a-new-parenting-magazine-is-launched-in-dayton-oh/

EXPECTATIONS FOR 2014 -- The 2014 Magazine Media Moguls’ Great Expectations as told to Mr. Magazine™… Part 3 of 5 - (Samir Husni) The "Mr. Magazine™ First Ever E-Roundtable with 10 Magazine Media CEOs and Presidents. What are some of the largest magazine media companies expecting from 2014 in the world of magazine media? What are Active Media Interest, American Media, Inc., Condé Nast, Dennis Publishing, Hearst Magazines, Heinrich Bauer USA, Meredith Corp., Rodale Inc., The Taunton Press and Time Inc. up to in 2014? http://mrmagazine.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/magazine-media-circulation-and-distribution-the-2014-magazine-media-moguls-great-expectations-as-told-to-mr-magazine-part-3-of-5/

SHOPTALK -- 5 Publishing Predictions for this year. Pete Sheinbaum: “Much like last year, in 2014 the publishing world will continue to navigate change as the digital world absorbs print editions and dilutes subscription fees. In this ever-changing cyber landscape, one thing is for certain: publishers must identify new ways to acquire traffic, strengthen reader loyalty and, ultimately, generate new revenue streams. http://www.editorandpublisher.com/Columns/Article/Shoptalk--Five-Publishing-Predictions-for-2014

CAPITAL NEW YORK to Introduce Monthly Print Magazine - Michael Sebastian: Capital New York, the Politico sibling that covers politics and media in New York, is rolling out a small monthly print magazine starting this month, according to parent company Allbritton Communications.

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BAYONNE magazine debuts - Kate Rounds: “The Hudson Reporter has introduced a new magazine to its extensive lineup of Hudson County magazines and newspapers. Bayonne: Life on the Peninsula will debut at the end of April. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/lwbybze

TAILGATING now has its own magazine - Meg Weaver: TAILGATER MONTHLY covers “the phenomenon where hundreds of thousands of men and women spend over a billion dollars each year on tailgating goods and supplies.” The editorial offers just about anything that could possibly make this All-American event better, which includes how-to, tips and columns on products, recipes, destinations, drinks, organized tailgating clubs, and yes, apparel. SOURCE: http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/the-art-of-tailgating-now-has-its-own-magazine/

First issue of University of Wyoming's new Western Confluence magazine is now available - AP: The University of Wyoming is publishing a new magazine dedicated to solving natural resource challenges in the West. The magazine will have two issues a year and will focus on new research and creative solutions to natural resource issues. http://tinyurl.com/lq39z6p

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LIBERTY VILLAGE -- Canadian Village Living has expanded to Liberty Village - Meg Weaver: “is the latest print magazine in the Canadian Village Living brand, @VillageLivinMag. The bi-monthly will cover community happenings, local businesses and entrepreneurs, food, health, style and pets to connect residents of the area and surrounding pockets, ages 25 to 40, with nearby businesses to support the value of shopping local.” http://tinyurl.com/olf3t5b

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Huffington Post adds yet another section – this time for food - Meg Weaver: Food for Thought is a new section of Huffington Post in partnership with Chipotle, the restaurant chain that is marketing itself as emphasizing organic, locally-produced ingredients and meat from “naturally raised” animals. http://tinyurl.com/ohdjwap

LIFE & TECH -- Best Buy launches magazine - John Vomhof Jr.: “Best Buy. recently launched a new magazine at its stores in Canada. The magazine focuses on technology trends and lifestyle stories and distributed 300,000 free copies of the magazine to its Canada stores.

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FOR KIDS -- Stew magazine launches. Charlotte Eyre: “A new magazine for children, featuring regular book reviews and author interviews, will launch this month. January. Each issue has a dedicated two-page books area with author interviews and reviews of children’s books. SOURCE: http://www.thebookseller.com/news/stew-magazine-launches-kids.html

SHEDDING POUNDS -- Dr. Oz follows Oprah's lead as he expands influence with new magazine - Joanne Eglash: "The Good Life" He unveiled it to his "Dr. Oz Show" fans and newsletter subscribers on Dec. 19. Making it clear that he recognizes weight loss has become a hefty factor in his claim to attracting fans, Dr. Oz crafted his introduction by focusing on how his new magazine can help you shed pounds. SOURCE:

SMARTPHONES ONLY Olivier Laurent: “FLTR, the world’s first-ever weekly magazine dedicated to smartphone photography and published exclusively on the iPhone. FLTR is designed to be an authoritative voice within the booming worldwide community of smartphone image creators. SOURCE: http://www.bjp-online.com/2013/12/new-smartphone-photography-magazine-launched/

MORE -- December: 50 New Launches – 6 With Frequency & 44 Specials - Sami Husni: “December wrapped up with 6 new launches with frequency and 44 specials that set off the holiday season. From Rolling Stone’s collector’s edition dedicated to Pink Floyd to a bounty of epicurean delights, to commemorative issues celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. SOURCE: http://launchmonitor.wordpress.com/2013/12/31/december-ends-2013-with-50-new-launches-6-with-frequency-44-specials/

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NEWSWEEK RETURNING TO PRINT as ‘boutique product’ - Meg Weaver: "Newsweek, the iconic weekly news magazine that ended its print run in 2012, will be back as a 64-page weekly edition in January or February 2014. Jim Impoco, Newsweek’s editor-in-chief, told New York Times that this incarnation of the magazine would depend more heavily on subscribers than advertisers to pay its bills. http://tinyurl.com/m5z8cmt

SAVES TIME AND MONEY -- Budget cooking magazine. Meg Weaver: "GOOD CENTS COOKING is a new budget cooking magazine from Birmingham, AL-based Hoffman Publishing. The editorial includes articles and meal plans that can feed a family of four for $12 or less. http://tinyurl.com/mrj5v75

DAILY PHOTO NEWS: PRO Photographer: News and Premium Magazine Articles All in One Place. DL Cade: “PRO Photographer magazine just released an app that it’s calling “a new media hub for the connected photographer.” More specifically: it’s an iPad, iPhone and Android phone app that, for the first time, brings together premium magazine content and live, curated news feeds under one digital roof.” SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2013/12/04/pro-photographer-daily-photo-news-premium-magazine-articles-one-place/

MORE THAN LITERATURE -- Tracey Richardson -- “Though it's labelled a literary magazine, it's not your typical dusty, dry, snooty publication, according to its editor and publisher, Jennifer McGuire. The Tin Roof Press, which hits the streets this week, is pages of fun, quirky entertainment for a lazy afternoon of sitting back and reading a quality magazine by locals that's for locals”, says McGuire. SOURCE:
PHOTO: Owen Sun Times

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"Travel Tales: The Changing Face of Tourism" - If you want to create a new magazine you need an overall concept, topic ideas, research possibilities and a sense of design. That's what IMS students put into practice during the one-week, hands-on "Print" module. http://issuu.com/dwakademie/docs/ims_magazin_erweitert_druck_2611

PRO PHOTOGRAPHER: Daily Photo News And Premium Magazine Articles All In One Place - DL Cade: PRO Photographer magazine just released an app that it’s calling “a new media hub for the connected photographer.” More specifically: it’s an iPad, iPhone and Android phone app that, for the first time, brings together premium magazine content and live, curated news feeds under one digital roof. http://petapixel.com/2013/12/04/pro-photographer-daily-photo-news-premium-magazine-articles-one-place/

71 New Magazine Launches in November -- Samir Husni: “It is a fact that some magazines are closing their doors on their print editions and traveling solely down that cyber highway; however, it is another fact that there are some who have a different vision. The new launches with Frequency for November are 15 and the Special Editions are 56…for a total of 71 new launches for the month.” SOURCE: http://launchmonitor.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/november-launches-71-new-magazines-15-with-frequency-56-specials-a-great-harvest-for-print/

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READERSHIP GROWING -- Emma Bazilian : celebrity weeklies prove surprisingly strong. Despite a slight decline in overall magazine circulation in the first half of this year, the number of magazine readers in the U.S. is actually up slightly, according to the latest GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer, which tracks print and digital magazine readership. SOURCE:

MUSIC MAG -- Why A Successful Online Magazine Is Adding A Print Prong To Its Repertoire. Samir Husni: “Pitchfork, a successful daily Internet publication devoted to music criticism and commentary, music news, and artist interview, is excited about the tangible nature of their new ink on paper magazine/journal-type publication. Pitchfork talks about impacting music fans with the new “collectability” of a printed magazine. SOURCE: http://mrmagazine.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/pitchfork-in-print-why-a-successful-online-magazine-is-adding-a-print-prong-to-its-repertoire-mr-magazine-talks-to-pitchfork-president-chris-kaskie-about-collectability-and-the/

RE-LAUNCH -- Expanded stable of editors and reporters. Meg Weaver: Capital New York was recently acquired by Politico Publisher Robert Allbritton, who is now patterning it on his other website, Politico. It will have more journalists and enhanced coverage to produce news “for and about the people and Institutions That Shape New York.” SOURCE: Http://Woodenhorsepub.Wordpress.Com/2013/11/25/Capital-Relaunches-Website-With-Expanded-Stable-Of-Editors-And-Reporters

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STORIES THAT MATTER MOST -- Political website spins off print magazine to publish long-form journalism - Meg Weaver: “POLITICO, the print magazine, launched this week to provide hard-hitting reporting and original ideas about the stories that matter most in Washington and beyond. The editorial aims to fill a dangerous vacuum in the rapidly transitioning world of journalism. SOURCE: http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/political-website-spins-off-print-magazine-to-publish-long-form-journalism/
VIA Roy Iwaki

FOR POWERFUL WOMEN Magazine Puts Cosmo To Shame – Serena Chu: “With hopes to empower a new generation of smart women through honest interviews and insightful commentaries, Riposte is a new magazine that highlights important changes in art, design, business and politics. Modeled after old National Geographic magazines, Riposte is brought to life by creative photography and artistic illustrations. http://www.psfk.com/2013/11/riposte-magazine.html

A QUILT IS NICE -- Love Patchwork and Quilting, a new magazine

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LUXURY SHELTER -- San Francisco is the focus of a planned luxury shelter magazine - Meg Weaver: SAN FRANCISCO COTTAGES & GARDENS (SFC&G), an over-sized print magazine, will launch in April 2014 covering homes in the area’s most affluent communities. http://woodenhorsepub.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/san-francisco-is-the-focus-of-a-planned-luxury-shelter-magazine/

OCTOBER HARVEST PLENTIFUL -- Samir Husni: “We Had A Total Of 115 New Launches. The magazine media industry saw 32 new magazines with regular frequency and 83 specials, for a total of 115 October launches. http://mrmagazine.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/new-magazine-launches-october-harvest-was-extremely-plentiful-as-we-had-a-total-of-115-new-launches-32-of-them-with-regular-frequency/

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'OC Register' President: It's a Mistake Not to Invest in Print – Lauren Indvik: “Over the past eight years, newspapers have seen budgets cut and newsrooms shrink as readers — and more crucially, advertisers — have shifted from print to digital devices. To combat those shifts, publishers have drastically cut costs, reduced (or halted) publication of their print editions, redirecting resources to digital editions and ad products instead. Eric Spitz, president and co-owner of Freedom Communications and The Orange County Register, believes those publishers are making a big mistake. SOURCE: http://mashable.com/2013/10/24/orange-county-register-print-first/

LAUNCH: ‘Nude’ surfing magazine. Stephanie Silverstein: “Nude, a new magazine about the art and culture of surfing, will bare its first issue on Nov. 1. Despite the name of the magazine, nude does not contain any nudity.” SOURCE: http://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/news/2013/10/14/honolulu-partners-launches-nude.html

REAL ESTATE MARKET -- McCoy-Freeman Group Launch: To assist buyers and sellers with information about the real estate market, McCoy-Freeman Group RE/MAX Elite has launched a new magazine, Your Home: Cocoa Beach & Cape Canaveral.
SOURCE: http://spacecoastdaily.com/2013/10/mccoy-freeman-group-launch-real-estate-magazine/

RITZY NEIGHBORHOODS -- Tim Gallen: “Richman Media Group launches Phoenix's Uptown magazine. Scottsdale-based Richman Media Group has launched a new magazine focused on some of Phoenix’s more ritzy neighborhoods. The magazine, dubbed Uptown, is a luxury lifestyle publication targeted at Phoenix’s Arcadia, Biltmore and Central Corridor areas. It debuted in October. SOURCE:

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FAST LANE -- A new magazine takes off, but only in first class seats – Gigi Douban: “United Airlines is launching a new in-flight magazine, Rhapsody, but don't expect to see it unless you're flying first or business class. The magazine is aimed at United's more affluent travelers. And the airline plans to capitalize on every second they're unplugged. SOURCE: http://www.marketplace.org/topics/business/new-magazine-takes-only-first-class-seats

REBIRTH -- Beth Brenner, Domino Magazine’s Chief Revenue Officer, Talks With Mr. Magazine™ About The Rebirth Of Domino… - Samir Husni’s interview with Beth Brenner, Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer of Domino Magazine. The reason for a print magazine is because I firmly believe, as do my new bosses, the founders of this new company, that the print magazine is the mechanism by which we can bring back the brand. http://mrmagazine.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/the-print-magazine-is-the-mechanism-by-which-we-can-bring-back-the-brand-beth-brenner-domino-magazines-chief-revenue-officer-talks-with-mr-magazine-about-the-re/

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'NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC' CELEBRATES -- 125 Years Of Photography. This month, National Geographic magazine celebrates its 125th anniversary in a special issue devoted to the power of photography. "The Photo Issue" features images spanning the organization's storied career. SOURCE: http://news.wjct.org/post/national-geographic-celebrates-125-years-photography

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NEW AT HEARST: David Carey Reveals Why He Continues to Launch – Samir Husni: “While others are killing magazines, David Carey, Hearst Magazines President, is launching new products. Mr. Carey was, is, and always will be, in a launch mode. He believes in new magazines, and in the role they provide to both the readers and the advertisers. http://mrmagazine.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/david-carey-reveals-why-he-continues-to-launch-new-magazines-at-hearst-the-mr-magazine-minute-with-the-president-of-hearst-magazines/
David Carey

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THE FASHION: The Guardian and Observer's new style supplement - Alice Fisher (Editor) : "On September 21 2013 we will launch a brand new biannual fashion magazine. Here's what it's all about. SOURCE: http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/fashion-blog/2013/sep/16/the-fashion-guardian-observer-new-magazine

RYGBI PAWB -- New rugby magazine series looks to stars of the future - Hannah Jones: "Emerging new Welsh rugby talent will be celebrated in a new magazine series on S4C called Rygbi Pawb. Over the course of the season Rygbi Pawb, presented by Morgan Isaac, will bring fans all news and developments from within the rugby world in Wales. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/film-tv/new-rugby-magazine-series-s4c-6057284

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North East of England -- A magazine offering an alternative travel guide. Side Street is a new, free travel magazine about the stunning and welcoming North East of England. Our first issue was produced to coincide with the Festival of the North East in June 2013. Side Street is the first edition of our printed magazine, and is the product of our quest to discover true satisfaction in the cultural experiences of the North East. SOURCE: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1487304648/side-street-magazine

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UNDIVIDED NOW -- Olivier Laurent: “How LightBox has renewed Time Magazine’s commitment to photography. Once divided across different silos – the print staff on one side and the online staff on another – for the past two years they’ve been working in unison, bringing their wide variety of backgrounds together to help improve LightBox, the magazine’s dedicated online photography website.SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/qbppvu4

Dominique Browning: “The ambitious young working women of today are facing the same issues that we “career girls” were facing back in the late seventies, when Judith Daniels, who died last week, started publishing Savvy: The Magazine for the Executive Woman. SOURCE:
PHOTO: Jim Gipe/Smith College/AP

WEBSITE PRINT COMPANION -- Ivan Semeniuk: “This week, a new magazine will hit mailboxes across North America. It’s called Nautilus Quarterly, the print companion to a website of the same name – and it’s one of the latest and most ambitious attempts to change the way we think about science.