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24 Nov, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

IT TAKES WORK -- What’s the difference between cataloging your images and just randomly tagging them with keywords? The answer can be found in the definition of cataloging itself. Here at dreamstime however the contributors themselves need to understand how cataloging and keywording work in order to have their own images be found. SOURCE: Hatcheckgirl ;

USING YOUR HEAD -- Grigor Atanasov "I always searched the database for similar images of the ones I was uploading. I thought that the keywords or titles made the most downloaded images so successful. What I usually did was to copy the same descriptions and tags and apply them to my images. SOURCE: Grigor Atanasov

10 Nov, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

The Big Guide to Improve Microstock Workflow --
Bob Bigmac: "A few times a week I receive questions from microstock photographers who have discovered the picNiche toolbar, wondering about how they can make the whole microstock process better. As an experienced computer user (and coder) there are a lot of things I often take for granted about ‘the microstock workflow’, which others sometimes miss or choose to avoid due to the perceived complexity of moving to a new tool or method. Find topics which you can shoot well, and focus on those. Targeting ‘just’ general business, flowers, pets, and household items will leave your new work at the bottom of a very big pile (especially if you’re not producing a quality to really rival the big producers).
SOURCE: bob bigmac
TAKEAWAY: Keywording is easy if your site(s) are specialized. As Bob says” ‘general’ stock photos submitted to a microstock site will end up at the bottom of a very big pile.”
If you don’t specialize ”you’ll be using most of the keyword instructions above.”

03 Nov, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

The Known and the Unknown - Keywording for Visibility for those who want their images to be seen, keywording is essential, and with so many images now cluttering up desktops and the internet, good keywording is a must. Sarah Saunders of Electric Lane looks at the issues and explains how controlled vocabularies can help raise standards and increase the accuracy of keyword searches. SOURE: Sarah Saunders ;