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27 Jul, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

WHATíS NEXT? -- Expected Trends in Conceptual Stock Images - We all wonder what to shoot next. Determining what the next trend will be is never easy but Soren Breiting at did a write-up on the expected trends in conceptual images

14 Jul, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

CATCHINí UP -- Facebook Photos Leave Flickr, Picasa Way Behind. Sometimes, the sheer size of something overwhelms you, the point in question Ė Facebook. What started off as a social networking website, Facebook now has more photos on it than any other dedicated photo sharing website! According to comScore, Facebook is growing at three times the speed of top photo websites. It is not customary to compare a social networking site and a photo sharing site, but this has become unavoidable in this case. SOURCE: Rohit Bhat
TAKEAWAY: Because this is an important news item for you, Iíve repeated it here in the TRENDS section.