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RESALE RIGHTS -- Gain support in US Congress - Julia Halperin: “Royalty bill could be passed by the end of the year, or become part of copyright bill. A bill that would bring droit de suite, also known as artist resale royalty rights, to the US is gaining momentum in Congress. The bill has gained six co-sponsors in the past three weeks. SOURCE: http://www.theartnewspaper.com/articles/Artist-resale-rights-gain-momentum-in-the-US/33303
TAKEAWAY: artist resale royalty rights has long been a legal challenge for copyright holdres. Can you capitalize when your image is sold, then resold to someone else? T’would be nice….. Let’s follow this one.

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The Copyright Office Proposes Immediate Changes to Recordation and Requests Public Comment - Carolyn E. Wright: "While the Copyright Office continues to develop its strategy for modernizing and improving recordation services via a comprehensive reengineering, it recognizes that there could be immediate benefits if certain process changes were made in the interim. To this end the Office has published a proposed rule in the Federal Register that would amend the regulations to encourage remitters to include a cover sheet with the documents they submit to the Office; allow remitters to submit long title lists in electronic format; and provide remitters with the option to request return receipts that acknowledge that the Office has received a submission. Written comments are due on or before August 15, 2014. Written comments are due on or before August 15, 2014." SOURCE: http://www.photoattorney.com/copyright-office-proposes-recordation-requests-public-comment/

11 Jul, 2014 | Posted by: bswenson


- Carolyn E. Wright, Esq.: “Back in October, Canadian artist Samantha Ravndahl produced a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a “glam zombie” look using makeup and posted it to her Instagram and other social media outlets. About a month later, Lil’ Kim announced cover for her new single “Dead Gal Walking” and, much to Ravndahl’s surprise, the cover was her image with only slight retouching. That kicked off a flurry activity that saw Ravndahl try to get in touch with Lil’ Kim’s camp and resolve the issue but, after more than two months of trying, Ravndahl gave up and, earlier this week, filed suit against the singer, her agent and others involved. On the surface, this looks to be a pretty straightforward case. SOURCE: http://www.plagiarismtoday.com/2014/01/23/photographers-pay-attention-lil-kim-case/
For more information on this story, type ‘Samantha Ravndahl’ into the search bar of PhotoStockNOTES. (02 February 2014)

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COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT TROLLING -- Vernon company faces lawsuit. Bob Audette: “A local business owner who has successfully relied on her website to sell fine furniture made in Vermont is finding out the Internet also has a dark side. "Saturday (May 24) the Windham County Sheriff Came to my house and served me a copyright infringement lawsuit," wrote Peggy Farabaugh who told the Reformer that she had been advised by her attorney not to speak with the media. However, said Farabaugh, the Reformer was free to use any material on her blog post. "If I refused to pay up within 10 days, they said VKT might sue me for $150,000." SOURCE: http://www.benningtonbanner.com/region/ci_25983313/vernon-company-faces-lawsuit-from-copyright-troll

GRAY AREAS OF COPYRIGHT LAW- DL Cade: “This hour and fifteen minute-long presentation is one of the most detailed and useful videos on copyright law for photographers that we’ve run across. Put together by B&H in New York, they asked the The Copyright Zone guys, photographer Jack Reznicki and lawyer Ed Greenberg, to tell viewers and attendees “everything you wanted to know about copyright but were afraid to ask” SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/qdqeqoh

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IN SINGAPORE: Copyright owners will be able to apply for "blocking orders" on websites that flagrantly use their material illegally, if an amendment to the Copyright Act introduced in the Singapore Parliament in May is passed. The blocking orders are, in effect, court orders that direct network service providers to block access to the offending sites. Among the Courts' considerations in issuing such an order: if the website intended to commit or facilitate copyright infringement.

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AVOID COPYRIGHT TROUBLE -- Kristin Piombino: “An infographic from WhoIsHostingThis.com will hopefully make your visual content hunt go a little more smoothly. It explains what copyrights cover, the types of licenses images can have, and how to select a photo that's safe to use. Here are the types of photo licenses you should be aware of: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234038

Copyright question? - Simon Bruntnell: “Who owns copyright under UK law if a studio photographer is hired for the their skill in a particular area. Its the photography of an 3D artwork (insight: shot table top, lots of clever lighting etc.) Does the artist of the artwork have any rights over the images you shoot?” http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Copyright-question-1938639.S.5872288623306514436?type=member&fromEmail=fromEmail&trk=eml-b2_anet_digest-null-5-null&ut=1EkZ14jas5eSg1&item=5872288623306514436&gid=1938639&view=

USING IMAGES FOUND ONLINE -- It isn’t as simple as copy and paste . Image copyright infringement is running rampant primarily because so many people have no understanding of what is and isn’t copyrighted. Many companies sell images and aggressively pursue anyone who uses one without paying for it. Here are the most common misconceptions when it comes to using images on the Internet. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/lppfvq3
Preview by Yahoo

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INFRINGEMENT IS RUNNING RAMPANT -- Using images found online isn’t as simple as copy and paste - Ken Colburn (Data Doctors): “The Internet makes it so easy to copy and paste just about anything you find online, and that has led to a major problem for both website owners and photographers: copyright infringement. Image copyright infringement is running rampant primarily because so many people have no understanding of what is and isn’t copyrighted. Many companies sell images and aggressively pursue anyone who uses one without paying for it. Here are the most common misconceptions when it comes to using images on the Internet:

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-- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Steals Photograph And Laughs At Photographer; ‘Face Down’ Band Has No Respect For Fellow Artists? - Staff Writer: “Alternative Rock band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has been in a copyright infringement lawsuit against photographer Rohan Anderson. The band took a photograph from Anderson and posted it on Instagram, not credited. After the band posted the photo Anderson contacted them but was replied with insults, even laughing at him. SOURCE: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/88903/20140422/red-jumpsuit-apparatus.htm

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NEW FEES -- Copyright Office Establishes New Fees to Begin on May 1 - Carolyn E. Wright: “The U.S. Copyright Office has announced a new fee schedule covering registration, recordation, and related services; special services; Licensing Division services; and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) services. These fees will take effect on May 1, 2014. $35 Single author, same claimant, one work, not for hire $55 All other filings http://www.photoattorney.com/copyright-office-increases-registration-fees/

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-- Seventh Circuit Affirms Dismissal Of Banana Lady's Copyright Infringement Suit - Tamlin H. Bason: “A singing telegram performer's copyright infringement claim, which was asserted against a number of credit unions who had hired her to sing at a trade association event and was based on the defendants' alleged inadequate instructions to audience members about their limited right to film the plaintiff's performance, “has no merit.”’ SOURCE: http://www.bna.com/seventh-circuit-affirms-n17179889620/

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“Former college football star Desmond Howard will get the copyright to a famous photo of him in a Heisman Trophy pose after scoring a touchdown against Ohio State in 1991.
Attorneys for Howard and photographer Brian Masck announced the agreement recently. Masck still is expected to benefit from commercial use of the photo, which was taken when Howard played for Michigan.
PHOTO: Brian Masck
For earlier articles on this subject, search for Desmond Howard in the PhotoStockNOTES search bar on page 1.

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PROTECTION -- From the PhotoAttorney:Image Witness provides an easy, time-efficient process that creates opportunities to manage the use of your licensed images and also to discover infringements when they happen. SPECIAL: Image Witness is extending a former offer to anyone that missed out. This will be valid for the next 3 days only (the offer expires at midnight, April 12, 2014 EDT) and only for the first 50 photographers who take advantage of this offer. If you signup for any paid plan and use the promo code (PHOTOATTR14), Image Witness will give you 2 months free coverage.” SOURCE: http://www.photoattorney.com/image-witness-giveaway/

CAN’T COPY IDEAS -- Court Reminds Michael Kenna: Copyright Protects Expression, Not Ideas - David Walker: "A ruling in a copyright infringement case involving photographer Michael Kenna has affirmed the principle that copyright does not protect ideas (or choice of subject matter). It protects only the expression of an idea. http://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2014/03/court-reminds-michael-kenna-copyright-protects-expression-ideas.html

Appeals Court Upholds Copyright Infringement Damages Award to Louis Psihoyos - David Walker: “ A federal appeals court in New York has refused a textbook publisher’s request to reduce a $130,750 award that a jury granted to photographer Louis Psihoyos last year for copyright infringement. http://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2014/04/appeals-court-upholds-copyright-infringement-damages-award-louis-psihoyos.html

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-- Library Claims Copyright Infringement. - James Kosur: “A patron of the library recently posted a Twitter picture from the library and he was quickly met with threats of legal action.. According to officials, the photo violated copyright laws because the patrons in the photo didn’t give permission for the image to be taken. SOURCE: http://socialnewsdaily.com/27459/library-claims-copyright-infringement-over-harmless-tweet/
TAKEAWAY: Because the LIbrary of Congress is a public place (we all pay taxes for its upkeep) this should be no problem for the cameraman.

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Court Awards Maximum Statutory Damages for Copyright Infringement - Carolyn E. Wright: Courts are not letting infringes run or hide these days. Such was the case in Washington last week. Getty sued a Florida couple for using 12 of Getty’s photographs of cats and dogs for their home-based website design company. The defendants design websites for veterinarians and veterinary clinics, doing business as “Vet Web Designers.” SOURCE: http://www.photoattorney.com/court-awards-maximum-statutory-damages-copyright-infringement/

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-- Ninth Circuit Court Finds Copyright Registrations Valid - Carolyn E. Wright, Esq.: “In a nice turn of events for photographers, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that Alaska Stock’s copyright registrations are valid, in stark contrast to what happened in Muench Photography, Inc. v. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co., et al. It’s wonderful for photographers to get this justice! http://www.photoattorney.com/ninth-circuit-court-finds-copyright-registrations-valid/

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DEATH OF A SALE -- Kona artist sues CafePress for alleged copyright infringement - Erin Miller: “In this case, someone’s decision to upload his work, likely by scanning either a giclee print or a calendar image, cost Parker a $250,000 contract with a Dubai company. That company was intending to use the image on 25,000 towels, but when they learned the image was also on CafePress, they canceled the order. SOURCE:

TOUGH TO PROVE -- Peter Black: “Tarantino is suing Gawker for copyright infringement after the website "leaked" the director's unproduced, 145-page "The Hateful Eight" script on their website.
Gawker claimed that Tarantino was responsible for the leak, as the script was originally posted on Anonfiles, which Gawker simply posted a link to.”

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The Fancy.com Uses Major Loop Hole In The Law To Use Your Images - Gary Martin: “Several months ago I noticed a spike in our website traffic from a fairly large website called “The Fancy.”, In short, they replied: “No knowledge that the material posted by our member was infringing any copyright.” SOURCE:

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-- Model Release Lawsuit Survives Getty’s Challenge - David Walker: “A New York state judge has cleared the way for a lawsuit by a model who is accusing Getty Images of commercial use of her likeness without a model release. State supreme court judge Ancil C. Singh rejected last week a request from Getty to throw out model Avril Nolan’s claim on First Amendment and other grounds. http://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2014/03/model-release-lawsuit-survives-gettys-challenge.html

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YOU SHOOT FIRST --A photographer risks being brought into a lawsuit after sending a C&D letter because the alleged infringer can ask the court to determine whether a violation has occurred.
Diary of a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit-1b (Declaratory Judgment) - Carolyn E. Wright, Esq. “In the wild, wild west, a gunslinger sometimes would point a gun at another. But before the gunslinger could shoot, the other would draw and shoot first. Similarly, when you make a claim for copyright infringement, the alleged infringer may preempt your possible infringement lawsuit by filing a lawsuit for declaratory judgment that the use is not an infringement. This may involve you in a legal action for which you may need legal counsel in a jurisdiction (court location) where you don’t want to litigate. SOURCE: http://www.photoattorney.com/diary-copyright-infringement-lawsuit-declaratory-judgment/

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-- Copyright Office Seeks Comments on Rights of “Making Available” and “Communication to the Public” - Carolyn E. Wright, Esq.: “ The U.S. Copyright Office has published a Federal Register notice requesting written comments on how current U.S. law recognizes and protects “making available” and “communication to the public” rights for copyright holders. The Notice of Inquiry is available at www.copyright.gov/docs/making_available. Written comments are due on or before April 4, 2014. SOURCE: http://www.photoattorney.com/copyright-office-seeks-comments-rights-making-communication-public/

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CEASE-AND-DESIST -- Artists confront the web's pirates - Samantha Melamed: "For a few months Hannah Price was famous. More precisely, she was internet famous. In October, the website the Morning News posted a feature on City of Brotherly Love, a series of photographs Price, 27, had taken of men who cat-called her after she moved to Philadelphia. Only the site displayed Price's ambiguously titled works under a more pointed but click-catching headline: "My Harassers." Online news outlets took the bait. More than 15,000 articles and blog posts followed. And what came out of all that attention for Price? Gallery invitations? Photo sales? Commissions? "Nothing, really," she said. "It kind of stayed on the internet." SOURCE:

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Jeff Guyer: “Copyright infringement is one of those problems that never seems to go away. In a world where a photo can journey from the camera in one country to a computer halfway around the world in the blink of an eye, protecting our work has never been more important. Thankfully, registering our images for copyright protection is a fairly easy process, requiring only basic paperwork and registation fees. http://tinyurl.com/kh2mpe8
via Joe Stanski

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MUCH TO HER SURPRISE -- Why Photogs Should Watch the Lil’ Kim Case - Carolyn E. Wright: Back in October, Canadian artist Samantha Ravndahl produced a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a “glam zombie” look using makeup and posted it to her Instagram and other social media outlets. About a month later, Lil’ Kim announced cover for her new single “Dead Gal Walking” and, much to Ravndahl’s surprise, the cover was her image with only slight retouching. SOURCE: http://www.photoattorney.com/photogs-watch-lil-kim-case/

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SELLING HIS WORK -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer tries to stop Rams fan. Jim Romenesko: ‘St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports photographer Chris Lee was surprised to learn from a colleague that one of his photos was on Twitter with a @stlramsphotos watermark on it. Lee eventually discovered that it was a Rams fan named Alvin Lawrence. http://jimromenesko.com/2014/01/14/st-louis-post-dispatch-photographer-tries-to-stop-rams-fan-whos-selling-his-work/http://

http://cover32.com/rams/2014/01/17/sports-photographer-tries-stopping-stlramsphotos-from-selling-his-work-online/ (Spencer Engel)

PHOTO: Chris Lee

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-- Getty, AFP Appeal $1.2 Million Jury Verdict in Daniel Morel Case - David Walker: “Getty Images and Agence France-Presse (AFP) have asked a federal district court to undo the $1.2 million jury verdict against them for willful infringement of photographer Daniel Morel’s copyrights, calling the verdict “a miscarriage of justice." SOURCE: http://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2014/01/getty-afp-appeal-1-2-million-jury-verdict-in-daniel-morel-case.html

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BLOG for Copyright Infringement - Mickey Osterreicher: “Mavrix Photo has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against RollingOut.com and its owner Steed Media Group Inc. for publication of photographs of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian without its permission, consent or license. http://blogs.nppa.org/advocacy/2014/01/07/photo-agency-sues-blog-for-copyright-infringement/

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PHOTO AGENCY SUES BLOG for Copyright Infringement - Mickey Osterreicher: “Mavrix Photo has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against RollingOut.com and its owner Steed Media Group Inc. for publication of photographs of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian without its permission, consent or license. http://blogs.nppa.org/advocacy/2014/01/07/photo-agency-sues-blog-for-copyright-infringement/

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SUBMIT IT -- Using The DMCA To Stop the Copyright Infringement of Your Photos. Jay Lee “Over the years I have been finding more and more of my photos being used on the Web without my permission. This is a quick guide to detecting and enforcing copyright. http://petapixel.com/2013/07/10/using-the-dmca-to-stop-the-copyright-infringement-of-your-photos/

Despite the similarities, there are distinctions between copyright law in the United States and other countries. To help identify these differences with the law in Canada, Dan Pollack, an intellectual property lawyer in Toronto, and the Photo Attorney, Carolyn E. Wright, have prepared the chart below:

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U.S. AND CANADA COPYRIGHT LAW – A comparison. Carolyn E. Wright: “Despite the similarities, there are distinctions between copyright law in the United States and other countries. To help identify these differences with the law in Canada, Dan Pollack, an intellectual property lawyer in Toronto, and the Photo Attorney have prepared the chart below: http://www.photoattorney.com/comparison-canada-copyright-law

U.S. Copyright Office Endorses Resale Royalty Rights for Visual Artists
Tracy Zwick: “At issue is whether visual artists should get a cut of the profits when their art increases in value and is resold. Congressman Nadler introduced the Equity for Visual Artists Act of 2011, which would have set aside a resale royalty of 7 percent for artists whose work was resold for over $10,000 at large auction houses.” SOURCE:

SARAH PALIN Slams “Irrelevant” Copyright Lawsuit Over 9/11 Photo - Dominic Patten: "The Fox News contributor and former Alaska Governor says a copyright infringement lawsuit against her for use of an iconic photo of the U.S. flag being raised at Ground Zero on September 11 should be tossed out. SOURCE: http://www.deadline.com/2013/12/sarah-palin-911-photo-copyright-lawsuit/

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-- Artist suing over Statue of Liberty stamp mix-up - Associated Press: “An embarrassing mistake involving a Statue of Liberty stamp could come back to haunt the U.S. Postal Service. The "forever" stamp design released in 2011 was not based on the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, as intended, but on a replica outside a casino hotel in Las Vegas (New York-New York). Now, the sculptor who made the Lady Liberty of the Las Vegas Strip is suing the government for copyright infringement. Attorneys for Robert Davidson argue in a suit filed last week that the Sin City statue was more "fresh-faced" and "sultry" than the original.

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THE YEAR IN REVIEW: The Year in Review - Carolyn E. Wright: “The U.S. Copyright Office will present a Copyright Matters program on Wednesday, December 4, 2013, at 2:00 p.m. Entitled Copyright Litigation: The Year in Review, the program will be held in the historic Coolidge Auditorium in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. The event is free and open to the public. “ http://www.photoattorney.com/copyright-matters-program-place-december-4-2013-copyright-litigation-year-review/

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in Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
- Carolyn E. Wright: “Because Leonard did not register the copyrights to his photos until after the infringements at issue started, he wasn’t eligible for statutory damages. However, after 5 long years of litigation, a jury awarded Leonard $1.6 million dollars in actual damages on October 11, 2013. Congrats to Leonard for protecting his copyrights! SOURCE: http://www.photoattorney.com/photographer-awarded-16-million-dollars-copyright-infringement-action/

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Photo Copyright Claims

Follow Book Publisher

-- Rose Bouboushian: “Pearson Education must face claims that it printed and globally distributed thousands of photos in textbooks without permission, a federal judge ruled. The publisher faces five lawsuits in New Jersey from Minden Pictures Inc. (MPI), a Watsonville, Calif.-based stock photo agency, and 12 of its photographers, including Frans Lanting , Jim Brandenburg, and Mark Moffett. SOURCE: http://www.courthousenews.com/2013/10/18/62160.htm

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$30K SMALL CLAIM DAMAGE CAP – Recommendation. Alicia Wagner Calzada: “The U.S. Copyright Office has released its long awaited Report on Copyright Small Claims. The report adopts many of the positions advocated by the NPPA, including a tribunal, called the Copyright Claims Board, which would hear all types of copyright infringement cases and permit all defenses, including “fair use”. SOURCE: https://nppa.org/news/copyright-report-recommends-30k-small-claim-damage-cap

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RIGHTS GRAB! – Carolyn E. Wright, Esq. “Easy Canvas Prints is trying to pull a fast one on photographers. Its terms of service states: You do not lose ownership of the Content that you design on, or upload to, the Web Site. By uploading Designs to the Web Site, however, you grant the following licenses to EASY CANVAS PRINTS™: the nonexclusive, worldwide, transferable, sublicensable right to copy, crop, reproduce, publicly display, sell, and distribute the Design in or on Products and in advertising, marketing, samples, and promotional materials for the purpose of promoting the Web Site and Products; and the right to make modifications to your Design as EASY CANVAS PRINTS™, in its sole discretion, finds necessary to achieve the above listed purposes...” Astute Photographer, Dan Carmichael, read these terms and asked the company about these terms and got a surprising answer. SOURCE: http://www.photoattorney.com/sleasy-canvas-prints-rights-grab-2/

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$32,000 UP FROM $250

-- Copyright Suit Helps British Photographer Win $32,000. He was initially Offered $250 - David Becker:: “British photographer Jason Sheldon has won a settlement of Ł20,000 (about $32,300 US) over a stolen image of his, after initially being offered less than one percent of that.

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The U.S. Copyright Office is CLOSED! – (Carolyn E. Wright) Unfortunately, the U.S. Copyright Office is part of the government shutdown. While you may file a copyright claim now, the effective date may not be for a while . . . http://www.photoattorney.com/copyright-office-closed/


Newspaper Editor Says Posting a Photo to Facebook Makes it Public Domain – David Becker: “Normally, we wouldn’t give much attention to the thoughts of an editor/publisher for a small community newspaper. But the response to photographer Kristen Pierson‘s notice of copyright infringement and invoice for payment is such a classic compendium of bad thinking on intellectual property that it would be a disservice not to share it … just so you know what you’re up against.” SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2013/09/30/newspaper-editor-says-facebook-photo-post-equals-public-domain/

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-- A Photo of Korean War Memorial Used on Stamp - Michael Zhang: “Be careful when photographing sculptures for commercial purposes — you could quickly find yourself on the losing end of a copyright infringement case and being forced to pay a lot of money. This happened back in 2011, when photographer Mike Hipple was forced to pay up after shooting stock photos of a public art installation in Seattle. Now it has happened again: a court has ordered the United States Postal Service to pay a whopping $684,844 to sculptor Frank Gaylord for using a photograph of the Korean War Veterans Memorial on a stamp. SOURCE:
TAKEAWAY: Reminder: Photographing and publishing a copyrighted sculptor is not illegal if the picture is used for editorial purposes. Using it for commercial purposes (promotion, advertising, endorsement, etc.) needs permission from the copyright holder. For an example of editorial use of the Korean monument in Washington, DC: http://tinyurl.com/mhmbdmd

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A Conversation with Rep. Howard Berman on the Past and Future of Copyright Legislation – Carolyn E. Wright: “The D.C. Chapter of The Copyright Society of the U.S.A. is sponsoring “A Conversation with Rep. Howard Berman on the Past and Future of Copyright Legislation” on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 6:00 PM. at George Washington University Law School. The event also will be webcast live, and the URL for the webcast is: http://tinyurl.com/my2vkko http://www.photoattorney.com/conversation-rep-howard-berman-future-copyright-legislation/

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PROTECTION -- Charlie Borland: "I have found exact copies of Pro Nature posts running on Russian websites and one Pro Nature contributor found images from her guest posts pinned on Pinterest and from there images copied and posted on another website. Then as if struggling photographers don't have enough challenges, Facebook and Instagram's new Terms of Service are no help to photographers. So is there anything you can do about it? The answer is yes and while some steps are easy others involve substantial time. But you can protect yourself with a few steps and although not foolproof, they can help. SOURCE:

FRIENDLY OUTCOME -- BuzzFeed Donates $500 To Charity After Photographer Dan Catt Accuses Site Of Stealing Photo - Meredith Bennett-Smith: "They used my copyrighted photo without permission," Catt wrote in a blog post. Shortly after writing the blog post, BuzzFeed's Art Director John Gara called him and the two had an apparently friendly conversation. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/15/buzzfeed-charity-dan-catt-photos_n_3927323.html
PHOTO: Not Yours Truly

COPYRIGHT LOOPHOLE? Photographer says, "Grand Canyon Lightning Storm Photos Stolen by Huffington Post. Jack Phillips: "Photos that captured a breathtaking lightning storm over the Grand Canyon were apparently stolen by the Huffington Post, who republished them without the photographer's permission, amounting to Copyright infringement. Rolf Maeder, who originally published a "Grand Canyon Light Show" in National Geographic, said that someone with the Huffington Post grabbed a photo off Reddit and used it for their article. The news website, he wrote in a blog, "took advantage" of a loophole, "knowing that they can take pictures from Reddit without Copyright infringement." http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/292988-grand-canyon-lightning-storm-photos-stolen-by-huffington-post-says-photographer/
PHOTO: Rolf Maeder